2017 Conference

Ms. JD Presents it's Ninth Annual Conference on Women in the Law:


Promoting Retention Opportunity Partnership Excellence and Leadership

Thursday, March 2, 2017 at Jenner & Block 

Ms. JD is proud to continue honoring exceptional women and men making contributions to the advancement of women in the legal profession through Ms. JD Honors. The Ms. JD Honors Reception will take place in connection with Ms. JD’s annual conference, #MsJDPROPEL, at Northwestern Law. The Ms. JD Honors awards will celebrate those who demonstrate passion for their careers and share that passion with other men and women. The full list of awards can be found HERE

Friday, March 3, 2017 at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law 

A culmination of Ms. JD’s national programming, this conference brings aspiring and early career women lawyers from legal markets around the country together for a summit on the progress and remaining challenges for women in the profession.  An overview of the conference agenda is available below.

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P.R.O.P.E.L Conference Agenda 

8:00- 8:55 am: Breakfast and Welcoming Remarks

9:00- 10:15 am: The Practice Popularity Contest: How to make yourself known — and respected — in your professional community (and have fun doing it)!

This panel will focus on using ways to expand your network, establish your brand, and build relationships in the process. Experts discuss ways to overcome your fears at events and engage in meaningful dialogue with others.  

10:15- 10:20 am: Ms. JD Inspiration Break - First Generation Law Students

10:30- 11:45 am: Intersectionality: Taking the Next Steps in Championing Intersectionality in the Legal Profession

As a next step in Ms. JD's ongoing initiative of bringing intersectionality to the forefront of conversations regarding women in law, this session will highlight the critical importance of intersectional voices in the legal profession. Through a TED Talk-style inspired session, we will also discuss challenges that may be faced by women in law who identify or are perceived as intersectional, how allies can be of practical and lasting support to their colleagues who identify as intersectional, and challenges that allies may face. This session is intended to provide a positive space for honest, thoughtful discussion as well as an empowering opportunity for attendees to develop concrete, innovative steps toward improving the legal profession for all women in law. 

11:45- 11:50am: Ms. JD Inspiration Break - Allies

12:00- 1:20 pm: Lunch and Lunch Keynote Speakers - She Leads: In Conversation with Amazon's Kelly Jo MacArthur, Vice President of Legal, and Lia Moeser, Corporate Counsel

Ms. JD is thrilled to welcome two leading women from Amazon's corporate counsel to the stage for another in our actor's studio-style keynote conversations.  Kelly Jo MacArthur and Lia Moeser will talk about their paths to becoming in-house counsel, their work to advance women in the profession, and what it's like to work at Amazon, a company that's constantly on the cutting edge of innovation.

1:20- 1:25 pm: Ms. JD Inspiration Break - NWLSO

1:35- 2:50 pm: Breakout Sessions

          Session A: A Roadmap for Running for Office

There are still glass ceilings to break in politics. Have you considered becoming an elected official? This panel explores the exciting ways that you can get involved in politics by running for office. 

          Session B: Three Women; One Successful Boutique Law Firm: Find out how they got there and how you can, too. 

Did you ever think that Twitter would be an inspiration to start a new law firm? These three women did. Their story has gone viral and has been featured in Elle Magazine. Meet the three black women who started their own law firm from Twitter. This panel will discuss women and minority owned law firms, the challenges of hanging your own shingle and navigating business development as a young lawyer. 

3:00- 4:15 pm: Breakout Sessions

          Session C: Lawyers Without Borders: How To Practice Internationally

Many law students enter law school thinking they want to be an international lawyer. But what, exactly, does this mean? This session will explore different types of public and private international practice and the skills you can develop to make yourself marketable to practitioners of international law and to be successful in the field. Along the way, practitioners will share what drew them to international practice and some of their favorite experiences practicing in the international sphere.

          Session D: A Debate on Police Power and the Use of Force in the United States 

As lawyers and law students, we understand how laws work but do we really understand what justice is? Now more than ever, the use of force in the United States implicates racism and entrenched political viewpoints. Through this panel, we will hear about the roles of practitioners, academics, and the community in these important issues, and how we, as women lawyers and law students, can get involved.

4:25- 4:30 pm: Ms. JD Inspiration Break - GEF Focused

4:30- 5:30 pm: Ms. JD Closing Reception 


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