How do you think that pre-law, law students and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs?

Whether you are considering law school, currently a law student or working as an attorney, writing for a legal blog provides both an intellectual and creative outlet, opening possibilities for writers both personally and professionally.  Writing for a legal blog provides a unique opportunity to explore the current state of the legal profession and how its many diverse members are thriving or struggling to succeed within in.  As a writer, you are given the time and space to consider how you can shape the profession and inform and assist your colleagues, opening the door to new perspectives regarding your own career.  Contributing as a writer and challenging yourself to embrace new vantage points, leads to growth.  Writers have the ability to use their new perspectives as a catalyst to change the course of their career, explore new challenges or recommit themselves to their current path.

Writing for a legal blog can also push writers to develop new skills and relationships, benefitting their current or future career paths.  Preparing a column that is well written, soundly reasoned and informative, necessitates focus, sensitivity to your audience, research, and creative thought.  Each of these elements requires writers, no matter how experienced, to leave certain comfort zones, giving them the opportunity to grow.  No matter what stage you may be in on your legal journey, growth and development are essential to success and professional fulfillment.         

As a writer for a legal blog, you also have the privilege of belonging to a community of writers with a variety of perspective as well as a common bond.  Writing a column that supports women in the legal profession is a rewarding, collaborative experience.  Having the opportunity to work with other writers and editors as well as read the work of others, is inspiring and provides writers with the opportunity to challenge their previous ideas and points of view.  Belonging to this type of community is also a further affirmative step to increasing supportive female networks within the legal profession.  When writers are collaborate and are supported, they are better able to share that positive energy with their readership, which has the ability to affect the profession profoundly.   

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