Ms. JD Invites You To Click Your Heels For Gender Equity!

The ABA Gender Equity Task Force needs your participation and promotion of our virtual march for gender equity. 

Participating is as simple as clicking your heels three times. 

1. Click on this link to the website. 

2. Click the vote button next to the red shoes.

3. Click the submit button.  Then you have “Clicked” your heels for gender equity. 

Why is this important and what is the point?

The visual of hundreds of thousands of people descending on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and the sea of people coming together for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 has become an iconic representation of people standing in concert to effect change.  While nothing can ever replace the historic transcendence of that day, in this new millennium a virtual voice carries the same power and ability to effect change as a physical presence. 

Like in 1963, people of today still struggle with the ability to be treated equally in the work place. What is gender equity?  It is equal pay for equal work.  It is paternity leave without stigma.  It is flexible time to meet personal and family needs, while still being able to participate and make a productive contribution to the work place.  It is the recognition of the differences between men and women without diminishing the value and contribution each provide.  In a word, it is “fairness.”

March with us starting on Equal Pay Day on April 9th through the ABA’s Day of the Woman on August 10th 2013!  Let us know that you clicked your heels by tweeting us @abagenderequity.

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