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Building a Personal Network

In college, we learn that it is important for us to constantly build our professional network. We learn that we need to create a collective pool of resources that we can draw on in the future when we are ready to look for jobs or internships. But, what about the needs we have in the interim? We put much less work into building a personal network, a cohort of similarly situated people that are willing to offer comprehensive mentorship or help us with personal needs. Many college students make new friends on campus, but leave behind family and deep friendships…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats Recap: A Firm of Her Own

April marks the month that most women catch up to their male colleagues' salaries for the prior year. For this year's equal pay day, Ms. JD talked to women who have not only achieved equal pay, they are running their own firms as part of doing so. Moderated by Ms. JD Board Emeritus, Janet Wallace, if you have ever dreamed of launching your own firm, you will not want to miss this conversation with Amanda Green Alexander! Watch below to learn more about the path to firm leadership and practical advice for hanging out your own shingle. Thank you to the Commission…

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Pre-Law Q&A: Tatum Wheeler, Research Associate at Sierra Leadership

In this "Pre-Law Q&A" series, Ms. JD Pre-Law speaks to students and graduates around the country who are thinking about going to law school. Our guest today is Tatum Wheeler. Tatum is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she earned a B.A. in Political Science and B.S. in Society and Environment. She now works in the Bay Area as a Research Associate.  Hi Tatum! Thanks for speaking to the Ms. JD Pre-Law blog today. Let's jump right in with the big question: Why are you interested in applying for law school? Tatum: I am attracted to an education in the law, because it provides…

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Accommodations for Nursing Mothers

This post is a little late because I am in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Federal Bar Association's 42nd Annual Indian Law Conference. A few things to note about Indian Law conferences: Women bring their children to conferences Nursing accommodations are offered for conference attendees Children are exposed to, and involved in, Indian law and policy ​All of these things are incredibly important, but the one that stands out to me, and that I want to talk about right now is the nursing accommodations offered for mothers. ​Nursing Accommodations The Federal Bar Association sent out detailed emails each day of the conference,…

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Part-Time Law, Full-Time Life: Seeking Balance in a Tilted Profession

Work-life balance. Flex-Time. Part-Time. All three terms are ones regularly heard on the lips of students, faculty, and practicing attorneys. These terms make older generations wince, while younger students and associates seek jobs with descriptions matching one or all three. Many at Ms. JD have discussed these issues: Lori Johnson wrote of her struggle with baby boomers in her office not understanding the importance of choosing family or personal time over billable hours. Ally Kennedy Garcia, Founder of the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys, posted a worksheet with helpful tips to consider while attempting to build work-life balance into a busy schedule. Many others on…

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It’s a simple equation: t = m.  Time equals money. It’s an equation taken literally by any lawyer in private practice who divides their day into six-minute increments.  I’m sure more than one of you has debated whether to bill your latest bathroom break to the client. I’m at least thinking about reps and warranties while I’m reapplying deodorant! This is billable time, right?   But t = m has another meaning, one that can pogo to the forefront of an attorney’s mind once they realize that leaving the office at 6AM is a much more frequent occurrence than leaving…

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Submitting the State Bar Exam Application and Preparing for the Bar

I submitted my bar exam application at the end of March. Since I had completed the July 2016 bar exam application for practice, and obtained my fingerprints then, it was a matter of retyping my application with updated information and gathering my paperwork together. I felt stressed when I completed the application, as evident when I kept reviewing the application for mistakes. I checked the mailing address of my personal references several times and corrected mistakes. I recall when I first completed the bar application it took me several hours over the course of several weeks as I had to…

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Monthly Mantra: Finding Health and Wellness in the Law

Mantra: I will grow and flourish where I am planted, while keeping my vision towards my goals. It has been a long time coming, but spring has finally sprung!  As we shake off winter doldrums, we are reminded that this is the season for growth, rebirth and renewal.  Often in the legal field, the focus is on the next step, rather than our current station.  Whether it’s a second-year associateship, securing your first position after graduation, a big promotion, or deciding upon a career change, our vision all too often is forward.  It is vital that we remember each stage…

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A rose by any other name….

It is said that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" but is that really true? I am getting married after graduation / the bar. I chose a long engagement purposefully for various reasons; first I’m just too busy and have no money but beyond those reasons a piece of me can’t fathom the idea of working so hard and then having a diploma with a name that is not mine. Don’t get me wrong; I love my fiancé and I actually don’t even talk to my dad but that is not the point. My “maiden name” is who…

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After the MPRE

I took the MPRE on Saturday, March 18th. The exam was two hours, sixty questions. I will admit: I was not prepared. I had my game face on throughout the exam, but after I walked out, I felt slightly shell shocked. I felt the process was surreal. I did make one important observation: if I must retake the exam, I will not take it at my alum. I will take it elsewhere to avoid that feeling of déjà vu of being a law student, and recalling the struggles I went through. I will take a day or two to brush…

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