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How a Woman Can Start a Career as a Personal Injury Lawyer

According to statistics, the vast majority of injury trial lawyers in the United States are male – which is a bit weird if you take into account that today women get about a half of all law degrees, and this tendency has been holding up for years. An ABA study states that women represent just 27 percent of civil cases at trial. You may try to look for reasons – many name lack of challenging opportunities, bias in lawyer culture and family responsibilities as the main culprits. However, the main issue here is not why it happens, but what a…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown 2017 Ms. JD Sharing Her Passion Award The following questions were formulated based on Jessica's profile. 1. Since joining your firm, Gibson Dunn, in 1995, you have been a frequent author and lecturer on gender, diversity, and leadership issues. You are currently a member of the firm's Diversity Committee, and you served on the firmwide Professional Development Committee for 13 years. When and why did you decided to speak on such topics and be involved on those Committees? When I joined the firm in 1995, about 13 percent of equity partners at all major law firms were women. In 2005,…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Knight, Morris & Reddick (KMR) Law Group

Knight, Morris & Reddick (KMR) Law Group 2017 Ms. JD Women's Strength in Numbers Award   1. How did you come about opening an all African-American female attorney law practice?  KMR came to be because the three of us each have entrepreneurial spirits and wanted to own and operate a business on our own terms. Yondi mentioned the concept of starting a practice and I was completely on board. She and Jessica had been having conversations around starting a business, so the three of us met to discuss.  As far as the fact that the practice is owned by all…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Lisa Horowitz

Lisa Horowitz 2017 Ms. JD Woman of Inspiration Award The following questions were formulated based on Lisa's profile. 1. What is Talent Management ("TM")? Talent Management involves a cross-section of activities typically broken down into two major categories: talent acquisition and talent development (e.g., training, career planning, mentoring, assignments and performance management). It includes activities aimed as enhancing diversity and inclusion. I have focused my post-law practice career on talent development and advancing diversity and inclusion. 2. How and why did you transition from practicing law to Talent Development?   I transitioned to a career in Talent Development after an…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Daissy Dominguez

Daissy Dominguez 2017 Ms. JD Woman of Inspiration Award The following questions were formulated based on Daissy's profile. 1. Why did you decide to open your own practice, Dominguez Legal Justice Center, LLC (DLJC), as opposed to work for an already established public interest organization or law firm? When I started law school my intentions were to work for a legal aid organization serving low and moderate income communities. I spent my entire law school career interning and volunteering with legal aid organizations. I became a lawyer to be able to have the knowledge and tools to support our communities. When I…

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A Team Effort:  Carly Alameda on Competition and Collaboration in In-House/Law Firm Alliance

The next generation of leaders in the legal world must master companies’ evolving expectations of in-house counsel and maximize the use of outside counsel.  Carly Alameda, a business litigation partner at Farella Braun + Martel in San Francisco, wants to make sure women are positioned to, at the very least, share equally in that leadership.  “The numbers of women attorneys currently in leadership positions and positions of influence should be much better, especially in law firms,”  Alameda explains.  “And the current evolution in the legal marketplace presents an opening for new leaders to emerge.  This is a perfect opportunity for…

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Talking “Ladder Down” with Author, Lauren Stiller Rickleen

This week I sat down with Lauren Stiller Rikleen to chat about her newest book, "Ladder Down:  Success Strategies For Lawyers From Women Who Will Be Hiring, Reviewing, And Promoting You." Lauren shared her perspective on the legal profession, and what lawyers (especially female lawyers) can do to promote their success. Before I jump into the Q&A, let me give you a little background. Lauren is a nationally recognized expert on developing a thriving, diverse and multigenerational workforce.  As President of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership, Lauren conducts workshops, speaks at conferences, retreats, and professional events, and provides training programs focusing on: strengthening multigenerational…

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Pre-Law Opportunity in NYC: 5-week “Launching Your Career” Series with the NYC Bar

The NYC Bar Association 2017 "Launching Your Career" Seminar Series is designed to support undergraduates and recent graduates in the beginning stages of their professional development. The series includes the following workshops: Thursday, March 2 (6-8pm): Fireside Chat with Jasmine Wade, Assistant District Attorney, Criminal Enterprise Bureau, Bronx County District Attorney's Office Wednesday, March 8 (6-8pm): Networking & Finding a Mentor with Janine Pollack, Partner at Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP Wednesday, March 15 (6-8pm): Office Etiquette with Sarah O'Connell, Senior Counsel at Norton Rose Fulbright Wednesday, March 22 (6-8pm): Legal Writing with Grace Pickering, Director of Legal…

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How Introspection Can Make You a Better Lawyer

When you’re a lawyer, you typically spend most of your time considering and addressing other people’s problems. That’s what they hire you to do, after all. But if you don’t ever take the time to peer inside yourself and become more aware of who you are, you’re doing yourself -- and by extension, your clients -- a disservice. Five Benefits of Professional Introspection Introspection doesn’t come naturally in the legal profession. It’s your job to care and worry about other people, and attorneys often neglect their own personal needs for days or weeks at a time. Once you develop a…

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Susan Smith Blakely

True Grit for Women Lawyers

I started talking about the importance of “True Grit” for women lawyers as long ago as 2012 when my second book came out.  In Best Friends at the Bar:  The New Balance for Today’s Woman Lawyer (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business), I included a chapter titled “You Really Need True Grit,” and in 2014 I wrote more on the subject in a blog addressing the value of true grit for women lawyers. So, you can imagine how happy I was to see that the ABA’s Commission on Women in the Profession is taking grit very seriously as well.  According to a recent article in the ABA Journal,…

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