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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Are You An Authentic Leader?

Have you ever taken a good hard look at the way people around you are leading?  Are the male leaders fitting the stereotype of a strong leader you'd want to follow? What about the women leaders? Are the women leaders "owning" their leadership position or are they sending mixed messages? The problem that often occurs is that men lead like men and women try to lead like men, too. Sadly, when women lead like men, they often forget to use their natural leadership skills.  Each gender has a natural talent that lends itself to authentic leadership.   However, women often ignore…

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The Offbeat Path: International Human Rights

Hello! My name is Carissa Mulder, and this is my first post on Ms. JD. Since this is my first post, I thought I would provide a little background on myself and on the topic of my blog posts.  The financial crash of 2008 brought changed the lives of many lawyers and lawyers-to-be, including me. I was a 3L at Notre Dame that fall and was busy sending out job applications, as I’d spent my 2L summer working at a non-profit. I was a bit nervous about the future, naturally, but not unduly so. After all, I had good grades,…

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Tips from the Top: Sheila Wilson-Freelon

Sheila Wilson-Freelon is a Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Discover Financial Services, a Fortune 500 company, headquartered in the Chicagoland area. Prior to her current role, Ms. Wilson-Freelon was Vice President and Assistant General Counsel with Morgan Stanley, a premier financial services firm headquartered in New York and the former parent company of Discover Financial Services. Ms. Wilson-Freelon received her Bachelor of Arts Degree (cum laude) from the University of Mississippi and her Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern University School of Law, where she was an Earl Warren Legal Scholar. She also earned her Master of Divinity at…

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Ms. JD International

Ms. JD International: Your Ticket to a Career Abroad

Greetings Ms. JD readers, and happy 2012! Ms. JD International here, one of the new 2012 Writers in Residence. Ever wanted to live and work abroad? Like to travel? Ever think your career would be nailed to US soil since you earned or are earning a JD degree at a US law school? Well ladies, you’ve come to the right place! For the next 12 months, I will be writing about all the ways one can pursue an international career with a JD. From practicing law to developing foreign policy, from working for a U.S. law firm in Paris to…

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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Self-Confidence & Leadership

I ended the last blog post with the notion of self-confidence. Specifically that people are attracted to someone with high self-confidence.   At Puris we use self-confidence, coupled with stress, as a big gauge to see how your personal branding is working.   The main result of our work with clients is that their self-confidence goes UP when we help them create an effective personal brand. When you have high self-confidence, it means everything is working well for you, including your personal brand.  High self-confidence correlates to high productivity, high morale, reduced stress and effective behavior as an employee and a business…

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Karen Kaplowitz

Giving Thanks

 It is great when the right thing to do is also good business strategy. Giving thanks falls in that category. Start by assessing who has helped you most this year in developing your business. Those are the people to whom you not only want to give thanks but also with whom you want to reconnect. Make a list of the people who have supported you from each of these categories: Clients and former clientsColleagues‚ including non–lawyersFormer adversariesExpert witnessesLawyers from bar activitiesBusiness people from community activitiesFriends‚ family‚ neighbors‚ and classmatesYour inventory will help you figure out to whom to give thanks and…

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Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner:  It’s Personal Branding Month at the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section Webzine

I was honored to be the articles editor for the American Bar Association (ABA) November Law Practice Management Section Webzine.  I chose the topic of personal branding so fellow lawyers could learn more about how to create an effective personal brand that sells them as people and sells their business brand well. We have tons of fabulous articles- all of them apply to lawyers and all professionals, so click HERE to read more!Happy Branding!

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How Important is a Career Plan?

I've always envied my law school friends who knew, from day one, that they wanted to be firm lawyers.  The path to success in private practice is definitely tricky--making the right relationships, figuring out how to get the right kinds of work to develop your skills, and increasingly competing for a limited number of partership spots as the economy sputters.  Even with these challenges, my private practice friends knew more or less what their ideal career trajectory looked like.Much of the advice given to women about achieving career success centers on making a strategic plan, complete with concrete career goals,…

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Nancy Glazer

The 2011 Resume - Part II

Previously, I discussed how your resume’s descriptions of your past legal work should “add value” to the clients, firms or companies where you were employed.  This week’s continuation of the “adding value” theme requires you to look at your many-times- revised-and- it’s-getting-close-to–perfection resume. This week, I ask:  Do you have a section in your resume that describes your experience drafting motions or briefs while clerking for a firm? If your answer to the question above is “yes,” take a look at that section of your resume again.  I’m sure you started out the paragraph with a past tense action verb,…

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In the Workplace, What Men Can Learn from Women

I often find myself frustrated with the “what women can learn” genre of career help books and articles. I’m not saying we don’t have a lot to learn…we do. Being more assertive, giving ourselves credit where credit is due, and making sure that our superiors know our career goals are all skills that would generally benefit women. Here’s my problem: this genre is almost entirely based on the assumption that we should be more like men. It holds maleness as the standard for professional.  This makes sense, of course, because men have always been the standard of profession.  But what’s…

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