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Soldier On: Boot Camp to Law School— Amazing Mentors

  “I’ve been through half a dozen other lieutenants just like you.” “You guys all come and go.” “Meanwhile, we stay here and keep things running.” “So you stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours, and we’ll get along just fine.” Then he went outside to smoke a cigarette – one of many he would light up throughout the day. Tim was gruff, outspoken, and not used to working with women. Most of his Army aviation career was spent working in special forces units, units comprised solely of males. But as a brand new lieutenant in…

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The laws of physics create order over the world, gravity limits the boundaries of our planet and daily human capacity. Society, in contravention of the laws of science, is inherently random and exhibits chaos. Where in this great cosmic mix does one find the rule of law? Some people become lawyers because they want to make money, others join the Bar because they seek power. Justice? On the first day of my law school classes Prof Sam Dash pronounced words to the effect of: if you are interested in fairness and justice there is a door in this room and…

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How I Landed a Post-Bar Job as a 2L (Without Even Applying)

Growing up as a first generation Lebanese American, my parents deeply instilled in me that the only way to achieve the “American Dream” was to work hard, obtain stellar grades, and stay away from anything that might jeopardize my success (the time I dyed a strand of my hair teal will never be forgotten). And while there is merit to this risk-averse sentiment, my parents weren’t equipped to advise me on what others knew: having a network of professional contacts can take you further than even the most decorated resume. I didn’t fully comprehend how vital networking is until I…

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Top Ten Tips for Law Firms to Make the Most of Summer Programs

Dear Readers- I hope you are well and that your August is off to a great start.  Last week I wrote a post with 10 tips for summer associates to make the most of summer programs. As legal internships draw to a close and we are now knee-deep in on-campus interviewing and job fairs across the country, I thought it would be a good time to share my top 10 tips for law firms who are deciding on offers for their current summer classes and conducting interviews for their summer programs for 2017. Whether you are a law student, law firm or legal department, this…

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Student to Lawyer, Stuck in the Middle: Finding a Job – Part 2

First off let me say congrats to everyone who took the bar exam in July! I know how wonderful and terrifying it is to be done. If you want to see exactly how I was feeling and get some tips on post bar wind down here is my article. This month I am continuing the theme of “finding a job.” I am fortunate to have a really amazing Career Services office at my law school. Because of this I decided to pick the brains of the Michigan State University College of Law Career Service Advisors to get more advice for new…

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Life in the Law School Lane: 2 Real OCI Stories

It’s officially early August, which means that if your law school hasn’t started OGI/OCI/EIW/EIP yet, then it’s bound to get the ball rolling in the next few days. On-campus interviews (or interviews in small hotel rooms with creepy beds in the background) are those wonderful (read: anything but wonderful) 20-minute screeners law students have with law firms in anticipation for their eventual starts as big, bad city lawyers two years down the line. Ms. JD has spent much time discussing how one should prepare for the 20-25 interviews one is likely to have over a span of 2-5 days, as evidenced…

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Top Ten Tips for Summer Associates to Make the Most of Their Summer

Dear Readers- I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the your summer.  As we wind down the last hours of July and begin a new week and month tomorrow, we are reminded that summer associate programs are drawing to a close at law firms and for in-house legal departments.  We are also gearing up to begin on-campus interviewing and job fairs across the country.  Whether you are a law student who is participating in one of these summer programs or getting ready to begin the fall interviewing process looking for a job, you will find the following article useful.  It…

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Defining Success in the Law

Hello Ms. JD Aficionados! I hope this finds you well and that you are enjoying the summer so far.  Many of you may be summer associates in law firm summer programs across the country, others of you may be getting geared up for on-campus interviewing in the next several weeks, while some of you may be practicing attorneys with a few years under your belt.  Whatever the case may be, each of us can use some advice about how best to define success in the context of where we are in our careers, and some do's and don'ts.  In that…

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Kellyn McGee

Turning the Page: HalfTime

We are halfway through the summer and it’s beginning to heat up.  Here in Savannah, we’ve experienced the normal rising temperatures but we’re expecting to be in 100-degree, sunny weather in the upcoming days.  It’s hot, humid, and we look forward to the evening rains.  Kayley’s and Zandrill’s summers have heated up on the school and work fronts.  While Kayley is still taking appointed cases in juvenile court, she recently accepted a great opportunity to get back into family law.  A small, two-attorney firm decided to hire a part-time attorney to handle its family law practice and contacted the career…

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Heather Asher

Interview with Munger Tolles Partner Tamerlin Godley on OCI Preparation

On June 20, 2016 Ms. JD and Munger Tolles & Olson hosted “Cutting to the Front of the Line: OCI Preparation” at the firm’s Los Angeles office.  This event featured a panel of attorneys experienced in law student recruiting discussing OCI advice, followed by a networking reception, one-on-one mock interviews and a presentation on strengthening online profiles during a job search.  Based on the positive response from participants, Ms. JD conducted a follow-up interview with event moderator Tamerlin “Tammy” Godley, a Litigation Partner at Munger Tolles. What is the hiring process at Munger Tolles? Munger interviews at about 20 law schools. …

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