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Women Leading and Defending the Rule of Law

Now is the perfect time to be a lawyer! Society needs rules that organize nature's chaos. And, Society needs the added value of clear thinking about the role of law in the context of the rules. Only lawyers can provide this insight. Whether global treaties or new calls for constitutional changes within our nation, lawyers provide the filter between emotions amid confusion and the voice of rational approaches to complex problems that divide people. My blog therefore offers a fresh perspective to help readers to find their own voice when discussing law for outreach to the public. There is much…

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That Pre-Law Millennial: 10 Lessons from the Columbia Women’s Leadership Conference

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Women's Leadership Conference organized by the Columbia Spectator, where we heard from an impressive, inspiring group of professionals across different industries (e.g. finance, media, non-profits). Here are 10 of the insights they shared: "You can't achieve ambitious goals by only looking at your own narrow slice—you need the broader picture." — Lisbeth Shepherd, Founder/Executive Director of Green City Force "In deciding between opportunities to pursue, ask yourself: "What do I want to learn?" Your industry may look completely different in 35 years, so you need to keep learning." — Leah Meisterlin, Assistant…

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That Pre-Law Millennial: “Building Content” for (Corporate-Oriented) Pre-Law Interviews

Recently, I had a few classmates ask me how I managed to secure "so many" law-related internships as an undergraduate. I tell them that part of it has to do with being at the right place at the right time. I'm conscious that many of the opportunities that I've had so far stem from the privilege of attending a great school, and having the support of a world-class career center and a generous alumni network. I also have the advantage of living and studying in New York City, where legal organizations that offer undergraduate internships actually exist, and where most biglaw…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Lawyers and Stress:  What All Lawyers—- including Women Lawyers—- Need To Know

Recently I wrote an article for Corporate Counsel magazine and its on-line blog which addressed, among several topics, the toxic cultures of law firms.  Here is some of what I said there: The truth is that we don't do the profession of law very well in America.  We ignore the lifestyles and well-being of practitioners.  The law firm culture encourages workaholic behaviors that lead to stress-related illnesses and dependencies, as confirmed by research demonstrating that lawyers suffer from alcoholism and illegal drug use at rates far higher than nonlawyers.  Divorce rates among lawyers, especially women, also appear to be higher…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats: So you think you want a clerkship?

Join Ms. JD and our panel of current and former judicial clerks on Monday, October 10th at 5:00 PM ET for a conversation about their experiences behind the bench. They will talk you through the hiring process, the benefits and potential pitfalls of clerking, the way to excel as a clerk for your judge, and so much more. In essence, the good, the bad, and the never ugly of being a clerk!  Our panelists will include lawyers who have clerked for:  The Supreme Court The DC Circuit Two different Federal District Courts  A Federal Bankruptcy Court The Delaware Chancery Court…

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Women Lawyers Leveraging Social Networks: Presenting Your Best Self

Social media has become a staple of personal interactions and brand management, but what kinds of content should job-seeking law students post online? Christina Martini (@TinaMartini10), National Hiring Partner-Associate Recruiting, at DLA Piper, discusses how to use social media to your advantage and a few tips for in-person networking and personal branding. What benefits have you found in using social media with regard to your law firm practice and your recruiting experience? I have found social media to be very helpful for my practice in several ways.  It is a great way to connect with others in the profession as well as business people,…

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So You’re a 3L Now? Tips on Securing a Post-Bar Job

The time is finally here. You’re a 3L now. The last two years as a 1L and 2L may linger a little, but they are far gone now. After the initial excitement of returning to law school, you might begin to fret a little at the thought of having only two semesters left before you graduate and take the bar exam. Within these last two semesters, your schedule will be booked before you know it. There’s class, externship work, moot court, law review, student activities, networking events, going to the gym, bar night, oh and bar prep – we can’t…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats Recap: Carving a Path to In-House Counsel

On September 12th Ms. JD sat down with a talented group of attorneys who work for companies of various sizes and name brands - each of whom has taken a different route to land in-house.  Our panel of experts shared how they went in-house, tips for determining if an in-house position is right for you, and valuable insight on getting yourself there!  

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Meet Kimberley Motley: The Only American, Westerner, and Woman to Practice Law in Afghanistan

Say hello to Kimberley Motley, the first American and foreigner to hang a shingle in Afghanistan in 2009. She began her practice defending foreign prisoners, and it has evolved into an international litigation practice where she represents Afghan men and women, international and foreign companies, NGOs, embassies, and people around the world. She has achieved countless victories throughout her career, handling many heartwrenching cases and single-handedly bringing justness to Afghanistan. Some of her most remarkable successes include a case where she helped an imprisoned teenage rape victim receive a presidential pardon from former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, and a case where she brokered a…

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A Profile on Eli Mattern: Founder of SavvySuit

Why did you come to law school? A question majority of first year students fear being asked as they enter their legal education. For Eli Mattern, the question was not feared; rather it was encouraged because her answer was clear, and filled with passion.   Eli Mattern always knew she wanted to be a business owner, and she knew that by coming to law school she could attain the skills needed to run a business. And she did just that. As a theater undergraduate major, she felt that it prepared her well for law school. A playwright describes a protagonist and…

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