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My Feminity is a powerful weapon

A true story - My femininity is a powerful weapon  When I was 26 years old I worked in a large maritime consultancy firm, I was the only woman in any kind of senior role and my colleagues consisted of all-male ex-marines and Special Forces personnel. One day I was called into the boardroom for a one-to-one with my manager where I was informed that although I was accomplished in my role, I would struggle to make it further in this sector due to it being a stereotypically male-dominated industry and that because I was an assertive young woman, I…

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Submitting the State Bar Exam Application and Preparing for the Bar

I submitted my bar exam application at the end of March. Since I had completed the July 2016 bar exam application for practice, and obtained my fingerprints then, it was a matter of retyping my application with updated information and gathering my paperwork together. I felt stressed when I completed the application, as evident when I kept reviewing the application for mistakes. I checked the mailing address of my personal references several times and corrected mistakes. I recall when I first completed the bar application it took me several hours over the course of several weeks as I had to…

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5 Reasons Why Women are Effective Leaders

The diversity in gender is still a debatable topic especially when it comes to leadership positions. We've known that women made tremendous efforts and tons of work to be where they are currently, yet some are still struggling in proving the world that they are equally smart as men and that they also deserve to be leaders. As a matter of fact, several companies in the Philippines such as LinkVista Digital, Procter and Gamble, and Ayala Corporation are open to the idea of hiring more female employees. More and more companies worldwide are welcoming the ladies in their workforce, however,…

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Monthly Mantra: Finding Health and Wellness in the Law

Mantra: I will grow and flourish where I am planted, while keeping my vision towards my goals. It has been a long time coming, but spring has finally sprung!  As we shake off winter doldrums, we are reminded that this is the season for growth, rebirth and renewal.  Often in the legal field, the focus is on the next step, rather than our current station.  Whether it’s a second-year associateship, securing your first position after graduation, a big promotion, or deciding upon a career change, our vision all too often is forward.  It is vital that we remember each stage…

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How to Beat the Student Loan Debt Monster

Every time I look up the statistics, the average lawyer is graduating with more student loan debt. If you’ve graduated law school in the past three years, chances are pretty high that you’re dealing with a significant student loan burden. I have readers write to me fairly frequently with questions about how to handle their debt. It’s no longer surprising when I come across a couple with a combine debt load of $350,000 or higher. This makes me feel pretty lucky to have only incurred $190,000 of debt myself and, more importantly, to have paid it back and banished student loans from…

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A rose by any other name….

It is said that "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" but is that really true? I am getting married after graduation / the bar. I chose a long engagement purposefully for various reasons; first I’m just too busy and have no money but beyond those reasons a piece of me can’t fathom the idea of working so hard and then having a diploma with a name that is not mine. Don’t get me wrong; I love my fiancé and I actually don’t even talk to my dad but that is not the point. My “maiden name” is who…

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NYC Bar “Launching Your Career” Week 4: Legal Writing

On March 22nd, pre-law students participating in the New York City Bar's Launching Your Career seminar series heard from Grace Pickering (Director of Legal Education at Legal Outreach & Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School) and Van Ann Bui (Director, Law Program at Sponsors for Educational Opportunity).   Students had many notes and questions for Grace during and after her detailed presentation on “Legal Writing: An Introduction.” Van Ann’s segment regarding personal statement essay-writing for law school applications was equally engaging; it garnered plenty of questions from students, and even took the discussion into over-time. At the start of the night, Grace explained the court…

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10 Signs You’re a Horrible Boss And How To Correct It

The problem is not them; it's YOU! You're done working with the most monstrous bosses of all times. You probably swore to yourself that when the time comes for you to manage people, you will do things differently. That day has now come - you're already a boss. You may have good intentions like an all-expense paid team building for the top performing department or a company outing on its founding anniversary. But how can you implement all of these when there is a stack of emails, meetings, phone calls, and a whole bunch of demanding clients and tough decisions…

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After the MPRE

I took the MPRE on Saturday, March 18th. The exam was two hours, sixty questions. I will admit: I was not prepared. I had my game face on throughout the exam, but after I walked out, I felt slightly shell shocked. I felt the process was surreal. I did make one important observation: if I must retake the exam, I will not take it at my alum. I will take it elsewhere to avoid that feeling of déjà vu of being a law student, and recalling the struggles I went through. I will take a day or two to brush…

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NYC Bar “Launching Your Career” Week 3: Office Etiquette

​ This week, the pre-law students participating in the New York City Bar's Launching Your Seminar series had the opportunity to hear from Sarah E. O'Connell, Senior Counsel at Norton Rose Fulbright. Sarah was engaging, warm and funny—and gave our students delightfully no-nonsense, straightforward advice about the mindset it takes to succeed in a corporate setting. Some of her advice included: Write your own "blank." When you are new to an environment and people don't really know you, they will tend to judge you quickly: "Oh you know, Richard, he's the one who ___________." You have be intentional about filling in that blank the way you want,…

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