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Isn’t It Time To Teach the Nuts and Bolts of Business Development?

Business development is the bedrock to sustaining a profitable entity; yet, law firms rarely teach these skills. A common thread that strings together this rare breed of "rainmakers" is that they are creative, innovative thinkers who purposefully learn the nuances of the businesses of their potential clients; and, are both good listeners and conversationalists. They are professional, persistent, and perceptive problem-solvers. Not to be minimized, all business developers commit a substantial amount of personal, out-of-office time to building and deepening relationships. It is a truism, that a client service business will cease to exist without clients. With over thirty years’…

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Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Limbo

Four months of studying are finally over. The days that followed consisted of cleaning my room of all things related to the bar, outlines and papers that scattered the floor and desk. I didn’t realize the mess I lived in the last two weeks prior until I began cleaning. While I don’t normally like talking about exams, I do want to mention one thing. Every person who saw me mentioned my first blog post and their views, prompting a discussion. Many of these people I haven’t seen since we graduated. It made me happy because I succeeded. People are talking…

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Part-time Law, Full-time Life: Talking About Nothing ... Says it All

When I started class in the fall of 2015, I stopped eating dinner with my husband. I stopped going to the grocery store, making breakfast, or meeting friends for happy hour. On one hand, I was saving money and realizing I was eating too much, but on the other hand I stopped interacting with my husband and socializing with friends and coworkers. My weekends were consumed with reading for civil procedure and torts and when I finished the assigned readings I opened my mountain of supplements in the hope I could fit more information in my brain before I crashed at…

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Dear Law Students: Your Peers Are Your First Professional Network

If you are in law school, you have probably heard that your peers are your first professional network. This is especially true for law students who do not have attorneys in their families or who simply have never interacted with attorneys. A good way to get to know your peers and be known in law school is to get involve in different students' organizations, on the board or be a member of your law school lawyering skills competition (e.g., national moot court, ABA Representation in Mediation, Client Interviewing and counseling etc) and/or get on one of your law school journals.…

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Hillary Clinton, Respectability Politics, and the Crisis of Modern Feminism

The results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election represented a failure on many fronts. It was a failure of the American commitment to diversity, openness, and refuge. It was a failure as a check on corporate greed, wealthy interests, and predators of the poor and vulnerable. It signified a societal sickness— with our obsession with celebrity culture and worshipping of money as status. It displayed a majoritarian callousness to the calls for equal dignity by marginalized groups – by racial and ethnic minorities, the transgender community, immigrants, religious minorities, the gay and lesbian community, the disabled community, and women –…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Lieutenant General Flora Darpino

U.S. Army Lieutenant General Flora D. Darpino 2017 Ms. JD Road Less Traveled Award  The following questions were formulated based on U.S. Army Lieutenant General Flora Darpino's profile. 1. Your path is certainly not the one most law students take or even think about as an option. How did you decide to pursue a career in the Army? I often, half-jokingly, tell people I joined the Army because of a boy.  My husband was an Army officer and I needed an employer that would allow me to travel around the world with him, without having to take a bar exam…

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An Introduction to the Women’s Leadership Coalition at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

With just a few days away from the 2017 Ms. JD P.R.O.P.E.L Conference, I want to introduce your host of the conference—the Women’s Leadership Coalition at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. My name is Lindsey Blum, and I am the president of the WLC this year and a 2L at Northwestern. We are thrilled to be welcoming everyone from Ms. JD to our school and are excited to share our campus with you all! Before you arrive to the conference, I want to share more about the WLC, our mission, and other events that we’ve been hosting throughout the…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Gigi Parris

Gigi Parris 2017 Ms. JD Woman of Inspiration Award The following questions were formulated based on Gigi's profile. 1. Prior to working at Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, you worked at a law firm as a corporate associate. So, when did you decide that family law was the area of law you wanted to practice? I envisioned practicing family law prior to going to law school, probably when I was in college. I just didn't necessarily envision practicing in the specific field that I am in since it is a bit of a niche in the world of family law. However,…

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2017 Ms. JD Honors Awardees Spotlight Series: 5 Q&A with Alan Bryan

Alan Bryan 2017 Ms. JD TIM Initiative Award The following questions were formulated based on Alan's profile. 1. You served on the American Bar Association’s Diversity & Inclusion 360 Commission; you are an active member of the National Association of Women Lawyers and helped found its NAWL Challenge Club program; and you are a board member of DirectWomen. You are involved in many other organizations aiming at the advancement of women in the legal profession and you have received several awards attesting to your dedication to diversity in the legal profession. As a man, why is it so important to…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats Recap: BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK with Kelly Hoey

On January 27th, Ms. JD's Katie Larkin-Wong sat down with investor and author Kelly Hoey to chat about the strategies that will help you form genuine relationships when networking. Watch below to learn how to harness the power of your network to accomplish any goal, from advancing in your career or landing a coveted account to successfully attracting new clients. Have more networking questions? Want to win a copy of Kelly's book BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK? Submit your networking questions using this link by 11:59 PM on Friday, March 10th! Ms. JD will post answers to the questions authored by Kelly, and you will be entered…

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