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“Litigating for Our Childrens Rights to Education: What else could I do with my time?”

This blog post is based on an Invited Editorial in PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES magazine, New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council Sept 2000 - Article by Dr. Ilise L. Feitshans JD, ScM and DIR It sounds sexist but true: educating my learning disabled son disproportionately consumes my family’s resources – compared to the time, cash and lost income I spend on the academic life of my gifted, beautiful daughter who is four years younger. She is easy to educate; bright-eyed and pretty, she loves learning and absorbs new data, sounds and new experiences like a sponge, able to recall moments from a trip…

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A Detailed Breakdown of the Child Support CA Law

The child support California law regulates the size of payments as well as any other matters pertaining to child support. It’s essential to understand it completely in order to know your rights and duties as a parent during the separation or divorce. It’s always best to consult an experienced attorney to help handle these matters in accordance with all legal requirements. Child Support Agreements under the Child Support California Law The law stipulates that the court has to order the amount of child support according to the specific guidelines set by the state. However, if both parents come to an…

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The Westside Justice Center—Legal Aid & Community Outreach

Community justice generally refers to various crime prevention techniques that explicitly include the community. The idea behind community justice initiatives lies in restorative community goals –creating a “grass roots” path to neighborhood inclusion by active involvement. Recently these initiatives have included community: crime prevention, courts, policing, prosecution, etc…. Access to the legal system, or the lack thereof, plays a large role in whether the community has faith in its lawmakers and the justice system as a whole. The Westside Justice Center (WJC) works to fill that void; providing Chicago citizens with legal services in immigration, family law, real estate, estates and trusts, etc. The…

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2016 Public Interest Scholarship Competition:  And the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who participated in Ms. JD’s 2016 Public Interest Scholarship search. This year we had an amazing turnout of essays. From stories of creating support programs to implementing legislation , your essays truly demonstrated how we can all support women in the law. Over the next few months we will share some of these stories on our blog.  While it was difficult to choose our five (no, really, look how long it took us!), we are proud to announce our winners. Without further ado, here are our 2016 Public interest scholarship receipients… Christine Mafnas Christine Mafnas hails from the…

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Confessions of a General Counsel:  Hire, Hang Out and Hover To Find The Rule Of Law

This is the second post in a four-part series about IRAC as a useful management tool for the new general counsel and explores ways to find the rule of law. The first post, IRAC As A Management Tool; Start With The Problem, explored ways for the new general counsel to identify issues when she arrives at a new company.  What is IRAC?  IRAC is the framework that every law student uses to write her first legal memo. The first section of the memo states the issue, the second section recites the rule of law, the third section applies the rule of law to the particular facts…

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Soldier On: Boot Camp to Law School— Lead with Confidence

                 Inefficient, disorganized, unproductive. These adjectives describe many well-intended, yet poorly managed student organizations – also known as SORGs. With a new school year beginning, most students will either help lead a SORG, or at least attend SORG meetings during their time in law school. Sadly, student-led SORGs often lack disciplined management. This results in inefficient use of scarce resources, and it frustrates members. The problem lies in students not having a general grasp of how to run a small-scale organization. While other methods exist, today I present a simple framework to help…

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Top Ten Tips for Summer Associates to Make the Most of Their Summer

Dear Readers- I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the your summer.  As we wind down the last hours of July and begin a new week and month tomorrow, we are reminded that summer associate programs are drawing to a close at law firms and for in-house legal departments.  We are also gearing up to begin on-campus interviewing and job fairs across the country.  Whether you are a law student who is participating in one of these summer programs or getting ready to begin the fall interviewing process looking for a job, you will find the following article useful.  It…

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Defining Success in the Law

Hello Ms. JD Aficionados! I hope this finds you well and that you are enjoying the summer so far.  Many of you may be summer associates in law firm summer programs across the country, others of you may be getting geared up for on-campus interviewing in the next several weeks, while some of you may be practicing attorneys with a few years under your belt.  Whatever the case may be, each of us can use some advice about how best to define success in the context of where we are in our careers, and some do's and don'ts.  In that…

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Kellyn McGee

Turning the Page: Summer Stops for No One

Savannah Law School graduated its second class in May.  Kayley and her classmates now have a new group of fellow alumni joining them on the journey from student to lawyer, including a stop at the bar...exam.  May was a busy month for Kayley: she had volunteered with the campaigns for the re-election of the judge she completed her first externship in law school with and for his staff attorney, who was running for clerk of court in our county.  Those campaigns were fraught with negativity that is hard to bear when you personally know the candidates and you want them…

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How to Build a Brand Tip #4: Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition, commonly referred to as the USP, encapsulates why someone should choose your product or service over any other. Think of a word or concept that you want to “own” in the mind of your client base. To do this, you must consider the purchasing criteria of your clients and decide where you rank highest in fulfilling those criteria. One way to determine what is significant to your market is to know which keywords your potential clients use on the internet to find people engaged in your business. Is your geographic location important to the decision-making process? What…

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