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Your Brain, Law School, and Law Practice:  Mind Your Stress Levels

I invited you in January to get to know your brain better.  If you have been following my relationship guide this year, you may know a bit more about how your brain learns, thinks fast, acts out of habit, and buckles under situational pressure.   But it is December – my last post -  and we have only scratched the surface of that complex jumble of neurons. Yikes, under this time pressure, I better get to an important subject – stress.  Stress and the Law Exams, deadlines, and holiday pressures, not to mention events in the larger universe can cause feelings…

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Life in the Law School Lane: The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned in Law School

Do you ever find yourself in a situation in which you aren’t quite sure how you got there? Well, that’s me right now. It’s December of 3L, classes have ended, and the only things preventing me from going back to New York for Winter Break are a few final examinations (two of which “I don’t have to study for” – professor’s words, not mine). I started off my Writer-in-Residence term describing law school as a whirlwind experience, and 11 months later, I couldn’t agree more. In the span of 28 months, I’ve taken countless classes (actually I probably could have…

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Student to Lawyer, Stuck in the Middle: Here’s looking at you, kid.

It is crazy for me to think that this is my last Ms. JD Writer’s in Residence post. I remember sitting in the law library last year studying for finals when I got the email telling me I had been selected as a writer. I made a noise that probably made the people sitting around me think I had finally cracked under the pressure of my last law school exams. I collected myself and explained that I was being giving an opportunity to voice my opinions and ideas, and hopefully do some good. When I sat down and outlined the…

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Beyond the Pencil Skirt: Celebrating the Thrive

Two opposite and powerful forces crash into each other this time of year for this law student: finals season and the holiday season. One is all high stress, high risk, high reward, while the other is spilling over with celebration, family, and low key traditions. Yet these two seasons trigger one identical thought: what am I celebrating this time of year? As I wrote this final Beyond the Pencil Skirt, I was celebrating the process of law school: figuring out the discipline to thrive and looking forward to helping others thrive after the bar. Spending a year getting beyond the pencil…

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The Gen Why Lawyer: 5 Things I Learned from Launching a Podcast as a Young Lawyer

Almost 2 years ago, I launched my podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer. At the time, I was a 3rd year associate, I was feeling utterly unfulfilled with the practice of law, and I was questioning my career choice. I decided to reach out to other young lawyers across the country to hear their stories and find out how they were finding fulfillment, happiness, and success in their careers. Just like that, my podcast was born. Now that I have spoken with over 100 lawyers on the show, I’ve discovered a few interesting things about myself that I believe any new…

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New Clerk on the Block: Final Thoughts

Just six months ago, I was a baby law school graduate with very little practical legal experience. Although I’m still trying to find my footing, I’ve learned so much since then, both personally and professionally, about how to be an effective lawyer. In this post, I’ll share what I’m taking away from this experience and give you some final reflections on clerking. I came into this clerkship with several goals: to work closely with a judge, to improve my research and writing skills, to see attorneys in action, to gain a deeper understanding of how judges decide cases, to become…

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A Parliament of OWLs (Older Wiser Learners): Resilience and stress

Hello again, dear reader.  Can we chat?  I think it is time to discuss stress in the law school.  No, I know, stress is all anybody around here is talking about, but I don’t really approve of the hyper caffeinated, gaunt, I’m-so-miserable behavior.  I think the memes are cute, but seriously?  It’s time to pull up your big girl pants (and big boy pants) and stop the drama.  Let’s get a little perspective. School exams are, by an order of magnitude, less stressful than your life will be when you are a lawyer. According to a study published in the…

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That Pre-Law Millennial: Thank You, and See You Later

To all my dearest, fellow 2016 Ms. JD writers-in-residence: It's December! We've come to our final blog posts! My sincerest thanks for your wisdom and your friendship this year. What a joy and honor it has been to get to know you all. In particular, I'd like to give shoutouts to: Gloria, our amazing #MsJDWIR Program Director, for your endless patience and for keeping all of us organized (herding cats!) Delida, for coming all the way to Columbia University (!) to chat with and inspire our group of pre-law undergrads  Julie, for your constant encouragement, and the spot-on advice in your column—which…

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Ms. JD Book Review: The Associate’s Handbook by Francisco Ramos

The Associate’s Handbook, written by Francisco Ramos, is a resource for aspiring trial lawyers. In this article I will outline the handbook, and summarize the material provided in each section.  I will include my personal opinion on the subject matter and whether I find it applicable to the modern day lawyer.  The sections I will cover include: Starting Out, Attorney Marketing, and Trying Every Case. Starting Out Ramos suggests that all new attorneys starting out focus on self-improvement, becoming your own CEO, improving your writing, and finding a mentor.  Ramos finds it imperative that you take charge of your career…

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What Does Donald Trump Think About Female Professionals?

Like him or dislike him, there is a lot to be said about President-Elect Donald Trump. While surprising pollsters and many in the business community, there is no doubt that it has been a tumultuous election year in the United States. It is one that has polarized urban and suburban Americans, arguably contributed to some (what we hope are) misunderstandings along the lines of rights for same-sex partners, and issues of race, income, and religion.  While comments from the new President-Elect have often led to inflammatory interpretations by the media, particularly along the lines of women’s rights (e.g., Planned Parenthood)…

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