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Month 4: Do your job right, and some clients won’t like it.

As a first-year attorney, I was always paranoid about doing everything “correctly” and by the book. I was not only worried about being reprimanded at work for mistakes I could avoid, but more importantly, I was adamant about not committing malpractice and losing my license to practice (aka my worst nightmare).  For these reasons, I was careful when talking to clients, measuring every word, and making sure I thought about my responses. One day, I was talking to a client about preparing his patent application. Unfortunately, this guy was unable to provide me with sufficient information for me to prepare…

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Attorneys Across America: Featuring Kate Rayne

From a tiny office in rural Alaska to a skyscraper in Manhattan, from The Sunshine State to The Prairie State, Ms. JD's Attorneys Across America series seeks to capture snapshots of successful women attorneys practicing law from sea to shining sea. Ms. JD had a few questions for Kate Rayne who founded a boutique law firm in Portland, Maine:  Where do you practice law? I practice in Portland, Maine. Describe your legal market. What is the size of the market? How would you describe the culture? The legal market here is small, but full of attorneys. I've heard that we have…

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The Inside Scoop: Surviving Your First Days Inside

You’ve done it. You’ve landed a job at a great company. You can’t wait to get started so you can show them what a fantastic decision they made by choosing you. And then your first day arrives and you’re quickly inundated with new faces, new names, new entities and unfamiliar acronyms, a new boss and new clients. By the end of the day you’re so overwhelmed you want to crawl back to your tiny associate office at the firm and hide. But that’s not what Ms. JD is about, is it? No. You’re Determined to Rise. And rise you will.…

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JD in T-28 Days: 4 Tips that helped me along the way

Excitement. Overwhelmed. Nervousness. I think that those are appropriate descriptors for my last few days as a 3L. It seems so surreal that my law school journey is finally coming to an end. Oh the memories of 1-Hell (did I say that?) oops I meant 1L year...Gunners, the emphamis curve, countless study hours, and I could go on. Then there was 2L year, where I was a bit more confident in my ability, a little more carefree, and my grades improved tremendously. And now, we are here, 3L year where I am conflicted. A part of me just wants it…

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Apply Now to Join the 2015 Ms. JD Academic Committee!

Interested in learning more about the law review community? Believe in the importance of diversity on law reviews? Want to work with Ms. JD and the NYU Law Review? Apply Now to Join the 2015 Ms. JD Academic Committee! Join Ms. JD's Academic Committee and NYU Law Review as we launch the 2015 Law Review Diversity Survey. This is a unique opportunity to gain outreach experience with the legal academy, inviting members of law review editorial boards throughout the country to participate in this important and distinguished survey.   Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions... What's the anticipated start…

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Rebekah Hanley

“Tell Me about a Time When . . .”: Capitalizing on Past Mistakes during a Job Interview

Many employers rely on behavioral interview questions to vet candidates.  That kind of question allows candidates to show, not tell, their interviewers how they will perform on the job based on descriptions of their past decisions and actions. For example, an employer might ask a candidate to describe how she solved a particular problem, mediated a challenging disagreement, or led a diverse team.  Or the employer might say, “tell me about a time when you made a mistake, how you handled it, and how you’ve changed as a result of that experience.” That’s a good – and fair – three-part…

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Discerning Difference… Embracing Empowerment: Navigating Identity – An International Perspective

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit offices for my corporation in the Asia-Pacific region. During my trip, I observed interactions, learned about practices, and heard from residents of the countries I visited about their own experiences and perspective on identity, citizenship and diversity.  It was interesting to hear their experiences in comparison with my own observations and the overwhelming feeling of being an outsider in a foreign territory.  Depending on the personal background of my colleagues or the socioeconomic status – perceived or otherwise, I found some commonalities regarding dealing with one’s identity in the work place or within…

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Beyond Talent: Legal Career Planning 101

As a junior associate, it’s never too early to be thinking about your career trajectory. In our experience, many associates don’t seriously contemplate their career goals until it’s too late. Not everyone realizes, for example, that the best time for associates to lateral is between their third and fifth years (mainly for reasons tied to partnership prospects). Nor does everyone question whether his or her firm is the best platform for making the in-house leap. Now, more so than ever before, associates must be proactive in planning their career paths. While there are factors that are outside of associates’ control,…

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Appealing Sentences: Unhappy with Law School Culture? Be the change.

While studying, I saw someone thumbing through my school’s brochure. Admitted Students Weekend must be upon us, I thought. I approached her and asked if she had any questions. After speaking with her for an hour, she said, “The message boards seem to be wrong in that the students are all out for themselves.” My law school has a reputation for cutthroat competition. In fact, a common joke is that our mascot is a shark. I didn’t realize how far this reputation reached, until I did pro bono work in San Diego. The supervising attorney said she was glad I…

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Iraq Redux

So in my last blog we discussed my first deployment and the typical “battle rhythm” (daily routine) that I marched to. Now it’s time to talk about redeploying (fancy way of saying “going back to your home station”) to Hawaii and then deploying—again—to Iraq a short eleven months later. The trip home was just like the trip there: LONG.  From start to finish, it took almost 48 hours to make it back to Hawaii.  On the flight back, I had a lot of time to think and try to process what I had just been through.  I was SO HAPPY to…

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Ladies of the House (and Senate): The Sisters Who Came Before

I majored in History before I went to law school. So, when I heard that a couple women in Colorado were compiling a interview-based history of all elected women in Colorado History I knew I had to meet them. Meg Froelich and Laura Hoeppner graciously agreed to meet with me so that I could interview them about the project and the stories of these women legislators for this month's blog. Before joining forces to write & produce this film called “Strong Sisters: Elected Women in Colorado,” Meg and Laura met in graduate school at the University of Michigan. As part…

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Why Breaks From The LSAT Can Increase Your Score

When you create a study plan for the LSAT, make sure to include liberal breaks in your schedule, anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. At first glance, that advice may seem counterintuitive—to increase your score, plan to not study? But yes, it will help, and here’s why: Studying for the LSAT isn’t like studying for a History or Math test. In those exams, small universal details and rote memorization play a big role. If you were to take time away from studying before such a test, you might forget a date or a formula, and that could…

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Mommy, Esq.:  Succeeding at Work but Causing Havoc in the Home?

I listen to a segment called “Second Date Update” on my local morning radio show. A man or woman will call after having a great first date and never getting a second date. The hosts talk to both daters to find out what happened and try to set up a second date. Recently, a woman (we’ll call her Jennifer) called. Jennifer had an amazing first date with a guy (we’ll call him Mark) she met at a sandwich shop. Sparks flew. Jennifer was smitten. She was confused when Mark never returned her calls. Mark agreed they had a wonderful time.…

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Striking a Balance: While on “Vacation”

Spring break during 1L year is unlike any other “vacation.” I had planned a trip to Central America almost a year ago, before fall classes even started. I originally thought I would be able to get some vitamin D, eat some good food, and take a break from studying. But I was wrong. With exams less than a month away, I spent my spring break trying to squeeze some studying every free moment I had, in between spending time with loved ones and trying to enjoy the scenery. Adjusting my own expectations of the trip was a little disappointing –…

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It’s So Real

     “It is so real…”  That is all he kept saying during our conversation.  So real.  He wasn’t talking about the wedding we were attending for a mutual friend, even though it was real.  And a really nice wedding, I might add.  So real.  He wasn’t talking about the real and…dare I say…unique dance moves on display.  So real.      He was talking about my job.  I guess it was so real.  You see I had met another lawyer at the wedding and, of course, we started talking about our jobs.  Isn’t that what all lawyers like to do?  Talk? …

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