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Can a Lawyer Also be a Stay at Home Mom?

I had a great position as General Counsel for a finance company. But I decided to resign when I had my first child. My friends and co-workers teased me that I would not be able to handle being a “SAHM”. I was worried myself since I loved the law and loved what I did.   But as I handled the first rough months of living with a newborn, I realized I really enjoyed being so present and involved in my daughter’s life. A few years later, we had our son and I still wanted to go to all the play-dates,…

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Hitting the Pause Button

Tom Petty sang that “the waiting is the hardest part.” True, the Heartbreaker was probably not talking about law school when he cooed those words in the song, "The Waiting," but somehow they work just fine to describe my feelings about the process of sorting out my career goals. For me, considering various professions in hopes to find one that really adhered to my goals was mostly fun and entertaining, but also produced a certain degree of anxiety. Petty's lyrics ring true for anyone who experiences a sense of urgency to figure your life out, meet your mark, achieve a goal. “Every day you get one…

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The California Minority Counsel Program: Spotlight on Burnham Brown

The California Minority Counsel Program (CMCP) is a nonprofit organization founded 26 years ago in order to promote diversity within the legal profession. It aims to provide attorneys of color access and opportunity for business and professional development. Its members include attorneys, corporate and public agency law departments, as well as both minority- and majority-owned law firms. One such majority-owned firm is Burnham Brown, a nearly 40-attorney firm based in Oakland, California. Its newest partner, Aimee Hamoy-Perera (pictured above), recently spoke to Ms. JD about the firm’s involvement with the CMCP. Burnham Brown became a member of the CMCP two years…

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Laura Bladow

No Layover: The Ins & Outs of International Careers in Law - An Interview with Yi-Chin Ho

I recently had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Yi-Chin Ho regarding her work at Latham & Watkins LLP. Yi-Chin is a litigation partner in the White Collar Defense & Investigations and Antitrust & Competition practice groups. Her practice primarily focuses on representing Chinese or Taiwanese clients with business in the United States. Despite the challenges of bridging two very different cultures, she has leveraged her language and legal skills to build a thriving international practice. Even before starting law school, Yi-Chin knew that she wanted to use her law degree and language skills to bridge the gap of legal…

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Finding-and Keeping-Legal Talent

Dear Readers- It is such an honor and pleasure to join the Ms. JD team!  I am looking forward to the opportunity to share thoughts and insights on various aspects of the practice of law and to get to know you all over the coming months. It is hard to believe it is that time of year again - we are kicking off on-campus interviewing.  Given that we are in the heart of recruiting season, I thought it would be helpful to share an article I recently co-authored with my husband as part of a monthly video and print column we do with…

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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ms.JD Board Member Raychelle Tasher

1. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite player is Kevin Durant. He’s from my homestate of Maryland. I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland but moved to Coral Springs, Florida my junior year of High School.  2. My favorite color is purple. 3. My favorite pizza is thin crust peperoni and pinapple. Yum! 4. I’m a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I crossed at Florida &M University in Tallahassee, FL, Spring 2007. I am the #17 out of 56 women. ​                                  …

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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending August 28, 2015

Good communication skills are essential to every aspiring attorney, and those already in practice. Here are 3 Ways Law Students Can Become More Confident Communicators while they are still in law school. For every 10 years you’ve been working, you can add one page to your resume. These helpful questions can assist you in shortening your resume without losing important content. When you come across an open position that seems like the perfect fit for you, it can be tempting to submit your resume and cover letter as fast as humanly possible. Here are four mistakes that people make when…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Pre-Law: Insights from the Ms. JD Board Recap Part II

Ms. JD's second online pre-law event took place last night as a group of the Ms. JD Board of Directors shared their pre-law insights in a Google Hangout! In case you missed it, you can check out the YouTube video below to catch up!  Miss Part I? Catch up here!  If you're looking for more pre-law advice be sure to download Ms. JD's Pre-Law Prep Guide, follow along on Twitter @msjdtweets, and join us next week for our Twitter Chat on Thursday, August 28th at 2pm ET to share your pre-law experiences!

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Attorneys Across America: Featuring Amanda Fisher

From a tiny office in rural Alaska to a skyscraper in Manhattan, from The Sunshine State to The Prairie State, Ms. JD seeks to capture snapshots of successful women attorneys practicing law from sea to shining sea. Ms. JD had a few questions for Amanda Fisher who works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  1.     Where do you practice law? I am an attorney for the United Steelworkers International Union (“USW”), headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  While my office is in Pittsburgh, the USW has members across the country and so my cases come from all over the country.  In addition, I am assigned as the point…

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Mommy, Esq.: What kind of law do you want to practice?

Rising 1L’s, get ready to hear that question from your new classmates, your family, your friends, and your mentors. Rising 2L’s, I’m sure you already know you’re about to hear that question a lot during OCI and all year long in interviews. Many of my fellow associates still ask themselves this question. So what’s your answer? If you’re anything like I was, you aren’t quite sure. My goal is to give you a starting point to making this big decision. As you’re thinking about what kind of law you want to practice, you should also think about where you want…

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Law and creativity: How to chart your own course

Trying to be a creative person in the law can sometimes feel like trying to think outside the box while working at a box factory.  Luckily, I have always been a misfit. So this situation suits me. I am a tall person in a short family, and an uncoordinated out-of-tune singer who insisted on being on stage in five high school musicals. When I decided to pursue law school I didn’t expect to be the next great attorney general or to land a job at a big national firm. My goals going into law school were to obtain the education,…

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Striking a Balance: Reflections of On-Campus Recruiting

My internship is over, and on-campus recruiting (OCI) is winding down. This is a process of which I knew very little about before law school. Before 1L, I was under the impression that I would have the opportunity to intern during my summer breaks, and I would find a job during my last year of law school. While some in law school do choose this route – I am attempting to pursue a summer associate position at a firm that has a strong corporate/business law department with the hope that they give me the opportunity to return after law school…

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Teachers Make Good Law Students:  Pause for Reflection & Indulge in Quiet Time

"I get these fleeting, beautiful moments of inner peace and stillness.  Then, the other twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes of the day, I’m a human trying to make it through this world."  Ellen DeGeneres In today’s fast-paced society, we are constantly bombarded with messages of the importance of slowing down.  Meditation brings serenity.  Relaxation calms the mind and soothes the heart.  Sleep fosters several health benefits.  However, it is not always easy to take a break.  Instead we’re guilty of double-booking events in our calendar or multi-tasking throughout the day.  We are constantly trying to get more off our “to…

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The Inside Scoop: The Cons

Have you ever completely and totally forgotten to do something that is important to you? Just totally spaced it out like it wasn't even on your radar? If not - well done. I'm completely envious. If so - welcome to the club. Come sit next to me. I am mortified to admit that I have forgotten this past weeked both to blog for Ms. JD and also to attend choir rehearsal at my synogogue. These are two things that keep my creative juices flowing. They make me happy. And yet somehow I became so engrossed in my day-to-day that I…

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Rebekah Hanley


A friend recently introduced me to the Japanese concept wabi-sabi.  As I (am just beginning to) understand it, wabi-sabi not only recognizes the inevitability of imperfection; it also celebrates that imperfection.  Thus, the philosophy converts what could be criticized as mistakes into valuable attributes.  It appreciates, rather than laments, that nothing is perfect. This wabi-sabi introduction reminded me of the opportunities for growth through error in professional work.  Take legal writing, for example.  Most lawyers have experienced the disappointment, frustration, and embarrassment of noticing an error in their work product soon after submitting it to a supervisor, client, or court. …

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