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Legal Blogging for Success: How to Start a Law Firm Blog

People spend good money for an hour of a lawyer’s time, and they want to feel comfortable with that investment. One of the best ways to build trust with potential clients is by running a law firm blog. It will give them a taste of your expertise while boosting their familiarity with who you are and what you do. Another great bonus is that regularly updated blogs will help you rise up in Google’s ranks, allowing you to connect to more potential clients via organic search. You can’t afford to skip out on a valuable blog. Great Design is Key…

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7 Life Lessons I’m Thankful Law School Taught Me

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank law school for teaching me so many life lessons in the past 27 months. Now that I’ll be graduating in 6 months, it’s time to look back and be thankful for the lessons that I learned in probably one of the emotionally draining, academically challenging but also fulfilling times of my life.    You’re not “JUST” anything – In the past year and half, I told a female lawyer at a huge bank and a male criminal court judge that I was “just a law student.” Their response: “you’re just not…

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1L Diversity Scholarship

Arent Fox is seeking applications for its annual Diversity Scholarship Program. The New York office will award one first-year law student $20,000 ($10,000 to be awarded during their 1L summer, $5,000 to be awarded upon acceptance of an offer to return for their second summer and $5,000 to be awarded upon acceptance of an offer to join the firm as a full-time associate). This posting is for the New York scholarship opportunity. The New York scholarship recipient will join Arent Fox's 2017 Summer Associate Program and will work in the New York office for ten weeks this summer. The Firm will accept applications from December…

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Soldier On: Boot Camp to Law School – Secret, and Not-So-Secret Interview Tips

  Normally, my monthly column translates valuable military skills into practical advice for succeeding in law school. This month, however, I want to stray just a bit. Instead, I want to share tips that will help you land and nail interviews. I have parents, law career development counselors, and mentors to thank for these nuggets of wisdom. Decide which tips you want to adopt. Use your time during school to develop your own “interview preparation list.” Then, when the time comes, you will be ready to crush that interview. I’ll focus primarily on the time “Before the Interview,” and just…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats: Law Firm 1L Programs

First year hiring is open! Join Ms. JD and our panel of esteemed lawyers and diversity professionals on Thursday, December 15th at 3:00 PM ET for a discussion of their law firm's 1L hiring programs, including their specific diversity programs. Wondering if you've got a shot at a law firm job as a 1L student? Don't know anything about 1L hiring? Ms. JD and our panel of experts from firms with 1L Summer Programs are here to help!  They'll give you the tips and tricks for making your application stand out and tell you more about their successful programs.  Have…

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National Association of Women Lawyers Inaugural YouTube Video Contest

Calling All Law Firm and Corporate Legal Department Women's Initiative Groups and Networks, Women's Bar Associations, Women's Law Student Organizations, and Organizations Dedicated to Advancing, Empowering, and Promoting Women in Law!  Please join the National Association of Women Lawyers ("NAWL") as we highlight "Women Lawyers Succeeding!" NAWL invites you to participate in its inaugural YouTube video competition! Submit a two-minute video on "Women Lawyers Succeeding!" that showcases what that phrase means to your group.  NAWL will post all submissions that are suitable for posting on its YouTube channel. The three videos with the hightest number of views by February 1,…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Women Lawyers From Elite Law Schools Leave Practice Sooner—- Why?

Last month, Above the Law ran an article, "Stat Of The Week:  The Mysterious 'Elite Retreat' Of Women in Law," which got my attention.  The premise of the article was that the "conventional wisdom" that women lawyers leave Big Law after just a "couple of years" because of work-life challenges is flawed.  Citing research from ALM Intelligence (the same group that recently supported the Major Lindsey Africa study and findings that women law partners earn 44% less than male law partners), Above the Law reported that the timing of departures is more variable and that the proportion of women in…

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Why Innovation in Technology will keep the Legal Industry Relevant

Steve Jobs was the inception of the popularity of technology for everyday Americans in modern times. His innovative creativity that induced technology into our everyday lives changed how the world views technology forever. Legal technology platforms have revolutionized discovery strategy for lawyers, and it has also revolutionized how people store, create, edit, share, and present pertinent data for the directive of their office.  The benefit of investment in legal technology for offices is immense because of the ability to generate a work product at a faster rate for a lower cost to the professional office and the client. The rise…

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A Letter to Our Community

As an organization, Ms. JD is dedicated to the success of women in law school and the legal profession. While we do not endorse candidates for political office, Ms. JD is concerned with how the election and the messaging throughout the election cycle may impact the self-confidence, self-worth, and career goals of the female law students and lawyers we support. We do not want these challenging events to diminish the incredible drive, passion, and commitment we see within our community. You inspire us on a daily basis. We as women are no strangers to adversity. During this difficult time, we…

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#MsJDChats: Leveraging Mindfulness to Survive a Sometimes Stressful Season

Couldn't tune in to our most recent #MsJDChat? Or just want to review the meditation exercises? We've included the recording below!  Another big thank you to Judi Cohen and Jaya Saxena for joining us to talk about the benefits of mindfulness meditation and for sharing their tips on how lawyers and law students can start cultivating their mindfulness practice!

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5 Step Financial Checklist for New Lawyers

It’s the season of first-year associates and newly minted lawyers starting their legal careers. I hope that you’ve successfully passed the bar, moved to the new city and are now beginning to find your way around the office. Beginning your first job summons plenty of emotions and there’s no lack of things to do. Here’s a financial checklist to help make sure you start your career on the right path. 1. Don’t grow into your income. No matter whether you’ve started in Biglaw or are working for the government, your starting salary is likely larger than anything you’ve earned previously.…

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He(ar)(re), us! Blawg writing as illumination & organization

haiku: I write. Without it I would self-destruct. Breathing can be elusive. As a young associate I attended a meeting where I was only one of two women and the only woman of color among nearly twenty attorneys. We women were not shrinking violets in the back reserving our opinions and sitting on our hands: we were at the table, very vocal, leaning in long before Sheryl instructed us to. A few days later, I ran into one of the attorneys who were at the meeting. He rushed to tell me about this fantastic meeting he attended where there were…

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Going Back to School When The Nest Empties

When I anticipated the empty nest, I half-joked that I was going to spend a couple of weeks at the Grand Wailea on Maui after taking my youngest to college. I’d single mom’d my three kids for a decade. The two oldest were in college, my youngest was doing well in high school. I could imagine standing in that magical surf, not driving anyone anywhere (what a dream), not making food for anyone… I’d swim and sleep.   But life had other plans for me. As my youngest progressed through high school, I signed up for a full semester of…

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The Value of Reflection in the Law

In a 2014 study on how reflection improves performance, a team studied employees at a tech support call center in their first few weeks of a type of training. Dividing the employees up into a reflection group, a sharing group, and a control group, the team found that the employees did much better when they spent the last fifteen minutes of each day writing and reflecting on the lessons they had learned. In addition, the employees that spent an additional five minutes explaining their notes to a fellow trainee did 25 percent better than the control group! We all stand to benefit from more reflection in our legal…

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Help Yourselves - Become a Law Blogger!

Whether you are a pre-law student trying to figure out how to get into law school, or a law student navigating through the rigourous schedules and time commitments, or even a lawyer working endlessly day and night to protect your clients, we all need time to relax ourselves from the 'world of law.' However, if you are anything like me, then you might feel guilty stopping your law career to do something for yourself - as bad as it sounds, we need to stop feeling so guilty! The best way to relax yourselves, to step away from your papers and…

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