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Ms. JD Weekly Roundup

Ms. JD Weekly Roundup: Week ending October 17, 2014

This week brought the news that Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Price, shared with Kailash Satyarthi, for 2014. She is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Rather than sit back and enjoy the award, she has been vocal about continuing her work and there is still much to be done to secure education for all children. She has also added her voice to those encouraging women to learn to code and get more involved with computer science. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella found himself at the center of a storm of controversy when he suggested that good karma…

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How to Find a Mentor in Law School

As the great Bill Withers acknowledges, we all need somebody to lean on. In law school, as in life, we can’t do it alone. This is where a mentor comes in—someone to encourage you, guide you, and advise you through the murky waters of law school— someone in your corner! So how do you find a mentor during law school? 1. Start early I learned this the hard way. I floundered through my entire first year of law school without a mentor. Let’s face it: as 1L’s we don’t know which way is up. I would ask 10 different people…

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Relationship Building: Check Motivations

Relationships only happen when we are committed to make them a priority, and that takes time and a commitment to “water” the relationship seeds we sow. While I could outline the precise steps lawyers need to take in assembling, organizing, categorizing and systemizing their contacts, I’ll spare the reader the administrative details in this article except to point out that once the task of gathering and entering all your contacts into a central system (even Outlook does a decent job of this) is complete, lawyers would be sorely remiss if they did not “categorize” their contact names.  What does this…

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Laura Bladow

Acing Law School: Twitter Chat Recap

Looking to ace law school? Check out the Storify recap from the Ms. JD Law School Twitter chat below for some inspiration (and some solid networking advice)! For more great advice download Ms. JD Fellows Present: Acing Law School.    [<a href="//storify.com/MsJDorg/acing-law-school" target="_blank">View the story "Acing Law School" on Storify</a>]  

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Clean Out Your Closet for the Ms. JD Global Education Fund Fall Fundraiser with Fashion Project

As leaves start to fly, and the weather starts to get cooler, revisit your wardrobe and remove those summer dresses, beach wear, sandles, and hats to prepare for winter.  "Now what?" you ask. Donate them to help fundraise for Ms. JD's Global Education Fund!  We have  partnered with the Fashion Project to collect your donations of gently used items of clothing, shoes, and accessories to provide an alternative way of fundraising for our Global Education Fund scholars. Every time someone purchases your donation from our store on Fashion Project, partial proceeds are donated back to the Global Education Fund.  In addition…

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BEEatitudes: Live Outside The Box (No Matter What People Say)

If you’ve been reading my posts since January, you probably think I’m crazy, all over the place, and a really weird girl.  And you’d be right.  My journey from law student to lawyer has been a real life game of chutes and ladders.  One minute I’m on a path to Destination A, and the next there’s a broken ladder causing me to take a detour that leads me to Destination B.  It took me a while to get used to the ups and downs of life, and my inability to adapt made me feel like a failure.  But in the…

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Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Practical advice for new lawyers

Q: Do I have to attend firm social events? I don’t like those kinds of things. A: I get it. Firm social events can sometimes seem awkward. At first you won’t know many people, and the events may feel like an extension of work. You can’t truly let go, because you have to maintain your professionalism. That constraint at an event with unlimited free booze may seem like cruel and unusual punishment. But moderate, you must.  Particularly if you are an introvert, after working long hours you may prefer to sit at home on your couch – or lock yourself…

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valerie lherrou

No Longer Extraordinary: multitasking vs mindfulness

There is probably no field of work that demands the ability to multitask more than does the practice of law. Lawyers jump from task to task as they bill in increments sometimes as small as six minutes. They sit in courtrooms waiting for cases to be called, paying attention to proceedings while getting caught up on paperwork. While questioning witnesses on the stand, they are reviewing the answers for game-changing information and refocusing the gist of their next question, while simultaneously watching jury members’ reactions. They reassure a client on the phone while typing a brief. They juggle laptops, ipads, iphones, and blackberries. One of…

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7 Reasons We’re Excited to Have a Ms. JD Chapter in our School

                         There is no such thing as "can’t."                           There is such a thing as "won’t," "don’t want to," "don’t choose to," "don’t adopt this as my priority," but there is no such thing as "can’t." "Can’t" represents a lack of choice.  And when we resign ourselves to a reality that does not include individual choice, we accept barriers others would impose upon us.  —Colonel Linda Strite Murnane, Esq.    When I attended Ms. JD’s Passion Forward conference this past February, my belief that women coming together are capable of doing…

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Ashley Ahlbrand

Research Makeover: Updating Your (Research) Look with (Browser) Extensions

I’ve talked a lot this year about new legal research tools such as Ravel Law and Casetext that are changing the organization, collection, and display of legal research databases.  But there’s an entirely different world of e-tools that can be equally beneficial in legal research and practice today: browser extensions.  Browser extensions are tools that can be added onto web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome; if added, these tools exist within the browser, and accomplish various tasks when you interact with particular websites or website features.  Common extensions include URL shorteners and web clippers, but many exist…

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Survival Tips for One Ls

So, you’re about to embark on a journey into what English jurist Edward Coke once called “the gladsome light of Jurisprudence.”  Congratulations!  For those of you who’ve read Scott Turow’s One L or seen The Paper Chase, you know the hard part is just beginning.  For the uninitiated, remember these rules for survival. Rule #1:  Don’t Compare Yourself with Others People come into law from all walks of life:  recent college grads, accountants, doctors, property managers, business owners, and so on.  Some classmates will boast of a long family history of law graduates.  Other classmates might have even studied constitutional…

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Relationship Building: Staying in Touch

Some things appear to be so simple that we assume (dangerously) that everyone “gets it.”  Bear with me a moment. For lawyers, it is imperative to consistently and persistently cultivate, nurture and strengthen their relationships with their universal network - with clients, to receive more work; with referral sources, to receive more referrals; with prospects to develop new work, and so on.  Then, answer me, why is it that a significant number of lawyers (clients and wannabes) either have no system (formal or otherwise) for getting and staying in touch with these people and/or do a dismal job of staying…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Pre-Law: Choosing the Right Schools For You

When spring time rolls around, and it's time to decide where to put your deposit, choosing the right school ultimately will come down to trusting your gut. But in order to get those acceptance letters, you first have to get the applications in. So how do you effectively narrow down the long list of law schools and decide where to apply? In my pre-law adventure so far, I've encountered a wide variety of lists, rankings, and advice. However, all of this advice really boils down to these 6 points: LSAT Score & GPA, Finances, Job Prospects, Geography, Practice Area, and…

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Research Fellowship

The Georgetown Center for the Constitution Fellowship Program seeks highly-qualified law graduates who intend to pursue an academic career. The Fellow will be in residence at Georgetown University Law Center for a two-year period, focusing on research and writing, as well as serving as a Visiting Lecturer.  For more information on how to apply for the Fellowship, please visit our website or send us an email at constitution@law.georgetown.edu.

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Only a Culture Overhaul Will End the NFL’s Continuing Legal Woes and Win Back Female Fans

It has been difficult to turn on the news or surf the web for the past few months without hearing about another domestic violence scandal involving the NFL. Stars like Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald and Jonathan Dwyer have all been implicated in domestic violence cases and it’s been enough to make quite a few fans turn off their tvs, toss out their team jerseys and bow out of their fantasy football leagues. But as terrible and depressing as these cases have been, the incessant media attention has sparked a much-needed nationwide conversation about the NFL, the…

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