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Submit your Nominations for Ms. JD Honors at #MsJDPROPEL!

Ms. JD is proud to continue honoring exceptional women and men making contributions to the advancement of women in the legal profession through Ms. JD Honors. The Ms. JD Honors Reception will take place in connection with Ms. JD’s next annual conference, #MsJDPROPEL, at Northwestern Law on March 3, 2017. The Ms. JD Honors awards will celebrate those who demonstrate passion for their careers and share that passion with other men and women. Nominations are due by Tuesday, November 15, 2016.   Below is a description of the awards and instructions for submitting nominations. Woman of Inspiration Award - To a woman who, regardless of her practice area or type of…

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Financial Literacy by Melissa Glassman (3L at Cardozo Law School)

Last month the Ms. JD chapter of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law known as Women’s Law Initiative held an event entitled “Financial Literacy."  The Women of the organization invited Suzanne Katz, Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch to speak to students about the importance of being financially literate.  Suzanne spoke about the many ways to be financially literate, including how to budget.  She suggested that we use our debit cards for as much as possible because they allow for all of our expenses to be tracked electronically.  It also allows us to look online at the end…

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Until Our Own Bones Break

"There are, of course, always going to be people who hook us under the sternum and pull us forward with wire until our own bones break to make us relinquish them." --"Schuyler today and the students" by Kate Angus As a 2L inching closer to my JD, I relate to this excerpt from Angus's poem. I see myself as hooked under the sternum by assignments that force me into scary situations. Sometimes I am pulled forward into new territory, quickly prepping for cases featuring questions of law completely novel to me, so that I may represent a client in a hearing in a courtroom I…

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Brand Tip #8: Creating a Memorable Brand

Once you’ve identified your goals, business strategy and uniqueness in the market and undertaken careful selection of your trademark or service mark, you’re ready to deepen the development of your brand platform and begin the process of engaging with your target audience by making yourself memorable. Becoming memorable, as you might imagine, is more than just selecting an enticing brand name. The culture, or aura, surrounding your brand is just as important. A brand aura is the cultivation of an experience. Done correctly, the cultivation of an experience can produce unbounded loyalty. Consider, for instance, the empowerment philosophy behind Nike®…

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Not fLAWless but Fearless: Accepting Your Past

There comes a time in everyone’s life where the inevitable question comes up: how much does my past matter as related to my future? Call it my mid mid-life crisis, but I’ve been pondering this question a lot lately, related to both professional and personal endeavors. How much does what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and the experiences I’ve had lend itself to the places I’m trying to go, and the person I’m trying to become? On the professional side, I’ve always asked my supervisors and been fortunate enough to receive feedback on how much my prior work experience will…

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Student to Lawyer, Stuck in the Middle: Finding a (non-traditional legal) Job – Part 4

At some point in your job search you may start to get a little desperate. This point can come because student loans come due, relatives keep asking if you have a job, or your significant other “thought you would have a job by now.” You may start to think about jobs that don’t require a J.D. or bar passage (i.e. non-traditional legal jobs). There are a lot of jobs out there that include legal aspects but you don’t need Esq. after your name to qualify. These jobs are great for many reasons. They can be great stepping stones to a…

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Laura Bladow

Ms. JD Chats Recap: So you think you want a clerkship?

On October 10th Ms. JD sat down with a panel of current and former judicial clerks for a conversation about their experiences behind the bench. Watch the recordign bleow for the inside scoop on the hiring process, the benefits and potential pitfalls of clerking, the way to excel as a clerk for your judge, and so much more. In essence, the good, the bad, and the never ugly of being a clerk!   

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Susan Smith Blakely

Lawyers and Stress:  What All Lawyers—- including Women Lawyers—- Need To Know

Recently I wrote an article for Corporate Counsel magazine and its on-line blog which addressed, among several topics, the toxic cultures of law firms.  Here is some of what I said there: The truth is that we don't do the profession of law very well in America.  We ignore the lifestyles and well-being of practitioners.  The law firm culture encourages workaholic behaviors that lead to stress-related illnesses and dependencies, as confirmed by research demonstrating that lawyers suffer from alcoholism and illegal drug use at rates far higher than nonlawyers.  Divorce rates among lawyers, especially women, also appear to be higher…

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A Parliament of OWLs (Older Wiser Learners): The Two-Way Gift of Mentoring

Everybody agrees mentoring is an essential ingredient of success for a new lawyer or for a law student.  Our law school does an excellent job of convincing students of the importance of finding a mentor, and of providing opportunities to connect with practitioners in the legal field who might be a good fit.  The Women’s Law Association sets up mentors for 1L women who want one, we have “lawyer speed dating” night, where alumni have 20 minute meet-and-greet sessions with students. We have a range of opportunities to meet lawyers and judges from a plethora of fields.  We are awash in…

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The Gen Why Lawyer: The “When” of It All

I have a law school friend whom I run into every few years. Every time we see each other, we catch up on our lives. About 3 years ago, this friend had expressed to me her desire for wanting to open her own law practice.  She was fed up with her employer, disliked her firm, and wanted to hang up her shingle. I remember having a lengthy conversation with her about my experience and offering my advice. At the time, I could sense that she felt uncomfortable leaving her steady position with her firm and, since she was a young lawyer,…

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Desi Lance

Don’t Worry

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.” – Corrie ten Boom I am what some people would call “a worrier.” I worry whether the email I just sent was overzealous. I worry whether I will get a seat on the tube during my commute. I even worry whether I am getting the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetable on a daily basis. Many times my worrying manifests itself at the office when I am juggling numerous client matters. As lawyers we are completely invested in providing the most comprehensive, accurate and relevant…

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Women Lawyers Leveraging Social Networks: Presenting Your Best Self

Social media has become a staple of personal interactions and brand management, but what kinds of content should job-seeking law students post online? Christina Martini (@TinaMartini10), National Hiring Partner-Associate Recruiting, at DLA Piper, discusses how to use social media to your advantage and a few tips for in-person networking and personal branding. What benefits have you found in using social media with regard to your law firm practice and your recruiting experience? I have found social media to be very helpful for my practice in several ways.  It is a great way to connect with others in the profession as well as business people,…

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“Litigating for Our Childrens Rights to Education: What else could I do with my time?”

This blog post is based on an Invited Editorial in PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES magazine, New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council Sept 2000 - Article by Dr. Ilise L. Feitshans JD, ScM and DIR It sounds sexist but true: educating my learning disabled son disproportionately consumes my family’s resources – compared to the time, cash and lost income I spend on the academic life of my gifted, beautiful daughter who is four years younger. She is easy to educate; bright-eyed and pretty, she loves learning and absorbs new data, sounds and new experiences like a sponge, able to recall moments from a trip…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Have Women Lawyers Lost Something on Their Way to Becoming Leaders?

This article from The Atlantic caught my eye on my news feed earlier this week.  It addresses what the writer thinks women have lost in advancing their opportunities in the workplace.  It is a historical perspective, but the message is meant to be very au courant. Although I have my own thoughts on the downside for women as we struggled to take our places at the tables of power in law and business and some of the messages that worked against the causes we were trying to advance, I have not given much thought to the kind of loss that…

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Repeat Trauma Numbs: Terrance Crutcher and So Much More

I don’t write many think pieces. Much of my writing is comprised of motions and memorandums of law. Even then, I would rather argue the law and the facts in front of a jury than to sit down and write. Yet, I am compelled write. I am compelled because on this day, once again like clockwork another black man, a human, has lost his life at the hands of over-zealous law enforcement. And I am numb. Yet, the pain is just under the surface. As I sat today, mulling over Terrance Crutcher in my head, my dear friend texted me,…

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