Monthly Mantra: Finding Health and Wellness in the Law

January Mantra: I will open myself to new opportunities and experiences in all aspects of my life and welcome the uncertainty they bring. January is the beginning of the calendar year, a month of fresh starts, resolutions and renewal.  It offers each of us one more chance to get it right. Use this as a launching pad to establish fresh goals and to open yourself to new opportunities and experiences. Deviating from the familiar can be anxiety provoking, I know; I’m a woman who ate the same packed lunch for the better part of a year.  Change has not always…

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How do you think that pre-law, law students and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs?

Whether you are considering law school, currently a law student or working as an attorney, writing for a legal blog provides both an intellectual and creative outlet, opening possibilities for writers both personally and professionally.  Writing for a legal blog provides a unique opportunity to explore the current state of the legal profession and how its many diverse members are thriving or struggling to succeed within in.  As a writer, you are given the time and space to consider how you can shape the profession and inform and assist your colleagues, opening the door to new perspectives regarding your own…

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