Legal Writing Skills: A Tool of the Lawyer’s Trade

An Introduction to This Column: Time to Take Out and Sharpen Those Pencils​ I was in the seventh grade when it happened to me.  As a seventh-grade social studies student, I had volunteered to represent the State in a hypothetical criminal trial and ultimately stood up in front of a jury of my fellow peers to argue that "the man" sitting before them (meaning a fellow peer who had volunteered to be the defendant) was guilty of kidnapping and grand larceny.  Every jury member then voted "guilty," and that was when it happened to me.  As I received the news that…

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Benefits of Blogging to Law-Minded Individuals

Have you ever had an idea and felt the burning desire to express it?  The idea hits you, and your mind starts to race while your eyes start to widen.  You may just even find yourself holding up your finger in a “eureka”-style moment for dramatic effect.  What do you do with all of that momentum?  A journal could work.  But what if you want your idea to have meaning?  What if you want to feel gratified for your idea and to find out if others actually think the same way too?  That is where blogging comes in.  As a…

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