Navigating “Biglaw” as a Woman of Color

Study after study show that women of color are fading from large law firms and most leave before they are even considered for partnership. Hence, women of color remain the most underrepresented group at the partnership level. The source of this problem is definitely complicated and difficult to pinpoint: is it an issue of law firm culture, a dearth of minority leadership and access to high-ranking mentors and sponsors to guide women of color in their professional development, or a lack of exposure to clients and quality work assignments to develop their legal skills? Perhaps it is not an “either/or…

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The Reasons Smart Lawyers Blog

Every year, law schools are churning out more graduates than there are legal jobs.  Whether you initially land your dream job or not, you have to successfully market yourself so that you are distinguishable and remain competitive.  Having strong lawyering skills is the bare minimum requirement nowadays.  Lawyers must have a solid name and reputation in the legal community to garner respect from their colleagues and adversaries and in order attract business.  In networking circles, I am constantly hearing: “It is not who you know, but who knows you.”  By blogging, you are developing your professional brand, increasing your profile,…

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