The Road Less Traveled: Alternative Legal Paths.

Happy New Year, fellow writers (and readers)!  Thanks for stopping by!  Let's start things off with a shot of some Q&A to ease us down the road.  1. What is an "alternative legal path?"   In this blog, we'll be discussing anything you can do with a law degree that doesn't involve keeping your feet stuck on the traditional conveyor belt. This could include:  Opening a solo practice Transitioning into a high-level HR/recruiting role at a law firm Continuing to practice in biglaw, but in a "nontraditional" way - such as in an overseas office or working part-time Starting a business…

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To Be A Lawyer Is To Be A Writer

How do you think pre-law individuals, law students, and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs?  In the information age, blogs stand unique as a source for information on a variety of niche topics.  With a few Google keystrokes, you can find a blog to assist you with any query.  Want to find the best deals on frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards points? Plan a wedding that isn’t too bling or too basic? Bolster your closet with the latest high-style trends? Keep up to speed with the freshest industry goss?  The answers to your questions are often found…

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