Mamattorney: Memories from a 1L Pregnancy

I started law school a few months before my twenty-ninth birthday. Not only did I wait to go to law school after completing undergrad, but I had a gotten a full-time job as a paralegal that I loved. However, my passion for the legal field pushed me to follow through with that dream of becoming an attorney. My husband (then boyfriend of many years) and I had been discussing the idea of having children around this time also. We didn’t feel that we were getting “too old” but perhaps just that we were at the right age in terms of…

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Law Blogs: Promoting Efficiency and Effectivity

Legal writing, in any form, is important for pre-law individuals, law students, and lawyers because it keeps both the author and readers informed of the topic. As an author, you naturally become an expert of sorts on the topic that you write about. The thing with the law is that it starts with a foundation and continues to build. And build, and build, and build. The same is true for a law blog, especially if it has a particular area focus. Legal writing on law blogs is increasingly important because they facilitate discussion. Blog posts can easily be shared and…

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