The Journey: New Year, New Adventures

It’s that time of the year again - that time of the year when we make resolutions to transform ourselves for the better over the next twelve months. While New Year’s resolutions are a fun and traditional part of ringing in the New Year, many resolutions focus on outward appearances such as dieting, losing weight and getting in better shape. It’s easy to lose focus and motivation when trying to fulfill these types of resolutions, especially as the holiday season is slowly replaced with the drudgery of our daily routines. Unfulfilled resolutions can lead to feelings of frustration and failure.…

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The Journey: Blogging as a Practicing Attorney

In the vast world of law, blogging as a hobby can be your passport to explore a new field, a compass when all seems lost or a one-way ticket to a new career. I have benefited from blogging myself. Like many new lawyers, after graduating from law school several years ago I felt lost and unfulfilled. I began a career working for a non-profit legal services organization, but I still yearned for something more - something to be excited about and something to be proud of - something that was mine. I discovered that blogging was my something more. I’ve…

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