Failure Turned Inside Out: You Are Stronger than You Know

NAME: ELIZABETH RIOS PROFESSIONAL TITLE: MANAGING ATTORNEY FOR LEGAL SERVICES OF SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN Law School: University of Michigan Law School Years Practicing Law: 10 years Sector: Public Service-Nonprofit Specialization: Housing Law Extra Tid Bit: “God Bless and Go Blue!” “I do it because I love it and I feel privileged everyday to be able to do this work.” What ultimately sparked your interest in becoming a lawyer? I first decided to become a lawyer as an undergraduate at The University of Michigan. The affirmative action lawsuits were being litigated and it was so clear the power and impact that legal advocacy could…

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The Exciting Benefits that a Blog Presents

Picture this: in a single day 60% of Instagram users log into their accounts, over 112.5 billion business emails are sent; almost 23 billion texts are exchanged; and 2 million blog posts are posted. The truth is you don’t have to picture anything because this is our reality. The Internet is not only the wave of the future, it is most certainly the right now. Not only has the Internet become the hub for communication, but it has also become the breeding ground for ideas, marketing, branding, negotiating, learning, and educating. All of which are vital for any pre-law individual,…

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