Get an Edge in Your Attorney Career Using the Tech Power

The fields of law and law enforcement have been dominated by men for centuries. Today, the situation is starting to chance, but there is no arguing the fact that males are still at an advantage in these particular industries. Therefore, a woman must use all tools available to achieve maximum efficiency in her chosen profession, and this is where modern technology can help. Tech innovation is making its way into all areas of life, including law and law enforcement. There are startups, software solutions, and gadgets that help solve crimes, punish criminals, and get restitution for the victims. Whether you…

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Talk Is Cheap… Or Is It? How Facebook Content Can Lead to Legal Action

Since its advent in early 2004, Facebook has become as familiar and as pervasive as the air we breathe – to such an extent that it’s been a ground for public concern for quite a while now, and not just because of self-evident issues like cyber-bullying. Social media, and Facebook, in particular, wield amounts of personal data beyond imagination (and leverage it for their commercial interests, too). The majority of users have no clue as to how far it spreads, and whatever one chooses to share with ‘friends of friends’ can go a long way – and much farther than…

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