Lawyers can be techies, too: An Introduction to Legal Tech

First things first, what is legal tech? Originally, the term referred to the technology and software tools, products, and services targeted at or created for the practice of law, namely law firms (such as e-discovery or matter and practice management, and including well-known companies such as Lexis Nexis and WestLaw). A new generation of companies is now changing this definition to include companies focusing on disrupting the practice of law and innovating in the legal industry, much like startups in other industries such as education or healthcare. Why should law students or practicing lawyers care about legal tech? Legal tech…

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Writing for Law Blogs: From Pre-Law to Practice

The law, you realize even before attending law school (‘Lawyers have to read so much!’ people around you exclaim), is reading and writing-based. As a lawyer, your writing ability is one of your most powerful tools. As a law school applicant, I relied on law blogs for information on applying to law school, of course, but also for insight on law school life as well as life as a practicing lawyer. As a law student, I relied on law blogs for advice on classes, networking, jobs, and the myriad other issues you deal with during that time. After graduation, I…

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