Skirting the Ceiling: Femininity and Professionalism Empowerment

Since starting law school this past fall, my classmates and I have been bombarded with messages trying to instill in us what it means to “think like an attorney” and have found that acting and looking like an attorney also come with the territory. Lost in the middle of 1L year, we’re still attempting to work out what to th ink like an attorney means (and probably will be grappling with that for some time). Yet, there’s one lesson I feel like I’ve learned for certain: While there seems to be agreed upon guidelines as how to act professionally, those…

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Blogging as the Bedrock of Modern Society

Salman Rushdie once said, "Two things form the bedrock of any open society-- freedom of expression and the rule of law. If you don't have those things you don't have a free country." I couldn't agree more, but should I ever meet Rushdie, I would point out the interesting and important role blogs play in this powerful dynamic. Blogging is one of the most accessible forms of freedom expression in modern society. A blog is a vehicle for experience, education, awareness, and emotion alike. It allows people to share their experiences and perspectives, listen to one another, and engage with those…

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