Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Results and Thoughts

October 14: Day of Results. It is one of those “where were you” moments. I was in India, of all places, as sleep deprived as I could possibly be. As I waited for the results to load, I made jokes to lighten up the mood, saying that the suspense was literally killing me (side note: my dad and I hate the improper use of the word “literally”). Finally the page loaded and I scrolled to the bottom of the list to find my seat number. It wasn’t there. At first I didn’t believe it, I thought it was a mistake. I…

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Ms. JD Writers in Residence Program Application Prompt 2017

The prompt is: How do you think pre-law individuals, law students, and/or lawyers may benefit from writing for law blogs? From the days of grade school, we are taught how to write. We are told to write stories that will entice the reader to finish without putting the story down. Somewhere down the road, we forget what makes a story great, or in the alternative, we forget how to write. The legal field is different from others, where the art of writing is the key to winning an argument. Take, for example, the story of a single comma in a 14-page…

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