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Ms. JD has campus chapters at law schools across the country.  Together, these chapters form the National Women Law Students' Organization (NWLSO).  In April 2008, Ms. JD gathered women from 70 law schools and 33 states in New York City for a student leadership summit.  It was at this gathering that NWLSO was born.  Under the umbrella of Ms. JD, NWLSO is a national organization that represents the interests of women law students, provides a forum for women at law schools across the country to connect with one another and experienced practitioners, and links law school women’s organizations nationwide.  For all of us who have wished for the opportunity to meet students at other schools, discuss common interests or concerns, and expand our social networks on the national level, Ms. JD's NWLSO delivers!

Info on How to Join NWLSO Available Here.

In addition to being a part of this vibrant legal community, NWLSO members also have access to prepackaged student event guides to help their chapters develop programming.  Our prepackaged events include book signings, Miss Representation film viewings, and more.  If you have an idea for a prepackaged event you would like to see NWLSO provide, feel free to email us at nwlso@ms-jd.org.  

NWLSO members also receive a monthly newsletter with updates on NWLSO and Ms. JD events.  Sign up here and select "NWLSO Chapters" to receive your NWLSO newsletter!

The 2011-2012 NWLSO Handbook is a hands on guide for students who are currently running or considering founding a NWLSO or NWLSO affiliate on their campus. The guide is full of valuable information and can be accessed online free of charge. 

 Join NWLSO as an Individual Member!

This year we've decided to open up NWLSO membership to individuals, in addition to maintaining and growing the NWLSO law school chapters that we already have. We decided to expand how women law students can be involved in Ms. JD and NWLSO because we want to make sure we're reaching and supporting all women. By expanding the NWLSO program, we hope to reach and serve more women, and also obtain a broader picture of the issues facing women law students and how best to address these issues through our programming. If you'd like to sign up as an individual member of NWLSO, you can register here. You can find more information on this exciting expansion here.

Ms. JD's 6th Annual Conference on Women in the Law: Passion Forward.  Be sure to save the date for Ms. JD's national conference in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX February 21st- 22nd, 2014! Programming will help students and young lawyers use their passions to achieve success. Additionally, the conference provides a rare opportunity for NWLSO members nationwide to meet and share ideas in person!  

The Gender in the Profession Curriculum Project: The formal barriers to women entering the legal profession have diminished, but there are still subtle structural barriers to women's ascension to leadership in the profession.  There is a significant amount of research and scholarship on women and the legal profession that lends itself to academic study.  A seminar is an important way to educate law students about this research and scholarship prior to their entering the profession.  There are very few law schools offering this kind of course so your law school can be on the forefront of this innovative new movement to study the legal profession from this unique scholarly perspective.

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