Everything Nobody Ever Told Me: How to Stop Office Gossip in Its Tracks

“What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.” -Jewish Proverb My friend Jen used to describe her best friend since childhood, Tracy, as a complete screw-up.  Every time she would mention her, she would roll her eyes and bring up Tracy’s latest failed relationship or the crazy man in her life.  I had never met Tracy and I have to admit, without any other evidence to the contrary, I began to think of Tracy as a screw-up too.  I attended a social gathering at Jen’s house one evening and was speaking to a woman who was…

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How do you deal with difficult clients?

As lawyers we all work with people. Doing so, we come across difficult people from time to time and we have to learn how to deal with them. My favorite story (that was quite entertaining for my then colleagues’ too) happened in my previous job. I was a lawyer of a government funded organization in the construction industry (I wrote about it here). There were (at least) two parties in a case, meaning what this always means: unless there is an agreement reached, one of them is essentially dissatisfied in the end. One such person called me on this particular…

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Finding Your People

One of the pins that inevitably pops on Pinterest is “You will be too much for some people; those aren’t your people.” As I reflected on what to write about for this month’s post, I thought about how generally draining the past few weeks have been. It seems like just when you don’t think 2020 can bring any more surprises, the hits just keep coming. And the small escapes of an hour-long stroll through the Target dollar section come at the price of ensuring your safety and the safety of others. I originally set out to write this blog to…

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Conflict Resolution Vis a Vis Outer Space Activities

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague has adopted rules for the arbitration of disputes relating to outer space activities.  The rules are “optional”. As such, parties in a space related dispute may choose to use them or not. Pursuant to the Rules, standing is very broad.  Hence, states, intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, corporations and private parties may use them as a forum. The Rules provide a forum for various methodologies to be used by parties. For instance, parties may select a panel of arbitrators or just one. Most importantly, awards of the Court are final and binding, which creates…

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Desiree Goff

Protecting Agricultural Advances

As my local CSA order ends and colder weather arrives, now is a great time to evaluate what protections can be put in place for agricultural and plant innovations. Plant patents, the zebras of the patent world, have experienced somewhat of a resurgence in the last few decades with advances in genetic engineering.   Pursuant to MPEP 1600, the manual of patent examining procedure, all plants are patentable except those which are bacteria or tuber-propagated. Tuber-propagated plants examples are potatoes or turnips - plants by which the propagated part is what you eat. The plant must either have been invented or…

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Practice Pointers – Assessing Your Career Progress

              We’re officially in the holiday season… which means peppermint hot chocolate, Hallmark movies, and oh wait, annual reviews. Sorry to ruin the festive mood, but annual reviews? They’re just as important and browsing all those Black Friday deals. (I know I’m not the only one.)               Obviously, annual reviews matter because they factor into your potential bonus, pay raise, and overall standing wherever you work. But they also matter because they force you to take stock of your career progress over the past year – to assess what you’ve worked on, learned, and could use more experience in. That…

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Techlegality: Emerging Regulations to Limit Big Tech in the U.K.

Working in the legal field, I find that I am most often intrigued by the emergence of new laws where precedence does not exist. Fortunately, the intersection of technology and law creates a space where that scenario plays out on a regular basis. As big tech continues to evolve, various government bodies have started directly addressing competition concerns within the digital market. In efforts to grant consumers more control and choice regarding their data and to ensure the fair treatment of businesses, the U.K. has created a new competition regime within the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA). The Digital Markets Unit…

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A Very Different Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving we’re reminded to “count our blessings.” This year that phrase just hit a little differently. Although my Thanksgiving looked nothing like it had in years past, I found myself in utter awe of how incredibly fortunate I was. For me, Thanksgiving begins the season of slowing down. Although the hustle and bustle of selecting gifts and making holiday plans kicks off, it’s the start of a season when most people can take some time off of work and relax. We trade in rush hour traffic for holiday movies and cookies. So while I found myself pouring over a…

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Ms. JD Responds to Urgent COVID-19 Need With #WhyMsJD Campaign Joining #GivingTuesdayNow

Editor's Note: On May 5, 2020 Ms. JD participated in GivingTuesdayNow. Just over six months later, Ms. JD has established a new online community with over 1,000 members, a virtual law student leadership academy, and an upcoming pre-law bootcamp. We are so grateful for our community support, and ask that we continue to meet our goals again this Giving Tuesday.  Ms. JD is responding to meet the needs of early career women lawyers and law students by launching the #WhyMsJD campaign to shine light on the many ways the organization promotes the success of law students and recent graduates and outline how the community…

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Practice Pointers - Preparing for the 2020-2021 OCI Season

It’s pretty safe to say that this year’s OCI process will look very, very different (OFF-campus interviewing, anyone?).  But what won’t change is the need the thoroughly prepare so you can put your best foot (read: Zoom self) forward.  So how do you do that? Check out my top interview and resume tips for law students, and feel free to ping me if you have any follow-up questions! Top 5 Law Student Resume Tips Stick to a page. Consider adding an Interests section so there’s an easy way for your interviewers to get to know and connect with you. And…

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