Statistically Weeping: One Law Student and Her Depression

The first rule many of us are taught in legal rhetoric classes is often issued as the commandment to know thy audience and purpose. Audience and purpose – who are you writing to and what for? Which audience? The legal community: those practicing out in the wild or law students, grinding out the hours somewhere in their first, second, third year. This audience can extend beyond those lines too. To those who love and care about anyone falling into those categories. The point being, the audience needs to be wide reaching. I’d prefer as many people as possible to fill…

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Selfie with no Filter: the 1L Life - Cut the Comparison

The Trap I just finished my first semester of law school (woohoo!) and felt great. I had set a goal for a gpa (despite knowing that gpa goals aren’t the best type of goals) and beat it by .09! I know, beating something by not even a tenth of a point sounds like a tiny achievement. But, given the law school grading curve, I was pretty pumped. After getting grades back, I felt proud. I told my parents and fiancé, and I was feeling excited about heading into semester number two.   And then (dun dun dun)… I went back…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Not Just For Women Lawyers——All Women Must Use Power Responsibly

If you have not seen the video of CNN journalist Ashleigh Banfield responding to the accusations from an anonymous source of sexual abuse by comedian/actor Aziz Ansari, you need to.  Here's the link, as presented by  The accusations and the response have given rise to a lot of impassioned discussion and controversy, and women across the globe need to sort out the facts. The point of your inquiry should be not whether the events took place but whether the events amount to the kind of sexual harassment that is the benchmark of the #MeToo movement and the #TimesUp movement…

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How Meditation Helped My Law Practice and Why I Think It Could Help Yours

Last year, I made equity partner at my Firm. In this blog, I have promised to tell some of the tips that I picked up along the way to share with other women lawyers who may have the same goal. Because January is a month for resolutions, I chose to start with something from my own list of New Year's resolutions: meditation. I have been meditating consistently for a few years now but my resolution is to keep it going in 2018 and to log at least 50 hours of meditation in 2018. That may sound like a lot but it…

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Because Passion Doesn’t Prevent Burnout – Rethinking Your Path

Women working in law are often perceived as trying to have it all – a serious career, a relationship, children – but ultimately, this narrative reflects a broader concern about work-life balance and passion. In law, though, even passion doesn’t ensure that you won’t burn out. The intensity of the job makes it impossible to predict. What passion does allow for is a sense of satisfaction, even when you’re overworked. So what if your passion isn’t traditional legal work, defending cases in court and working your way up in a firm? That’s okay, and your education and research can help…

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#MillennialMom: How are Millennial Parents Different ... Or are We?

Happy New Year Ms. JD!  What were your big events in 2017?  What are your new year's resolutions?  How are you planning to leverage your community (including the Ms. JD Community) to help you stick to your goals?  (Tell me in the comments!)   I'll tell you my plan!  My BIG event for 2017 and one of my new year's resolutions happen to intersect and I'm hoping the Ms. JD Community can help!  You see, 2017 brought the birth of my daughter, Kieran (gratuitous family photo taken a few days after Kieran was born included below because ... why not?!?!).   (Photography Credit - Angela Lang Photography)…

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Introduction - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

Hello and welcome to On the Field: Women in Sports Law! I am really looking forward to learning more about this area together this next year. To all my sports fans, let me welcome you to this column in which we’ll investigate different sports organizations, their legal impact, and how women have shaped the sports arena.   For those of you whose interests lie outside of sports, let me begin by saying I know that I may not be able to convince you of sports' merit. Besides the bloated budgets and expenditures on sports and related products that could go towards…

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Becoming a Pre-Law Leader on Campus - #MsJDPreLaw Mentoring Hangout (Ep. 02)

Watch the second episode of our #MsJDPreLaw Mentoring Hangouts on "Becoming a Pre-Law Leader on Campus"! This will be live-streamed at 12pm ET on Saturday, January 20, 2017, at Guest speakers are: Erin Callahan: Ms. JD Board Member. She was the President of Women in Law and The Student Bar Association at Dedman School of Law. Erin recently left the insurance industry and is now in private practice at a small firm in Houston, Texas. Moniel Sanders: Class of 2019 undergraduate at Indiana University Bloomington. President of the Pre-Law Black Law Student Association at Indiana University Bloomington. Margaret Zhu: Class…

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When Women Carry Most Student Loan Debt, Is Law School An Option?

The student loan industry has been in crisis for the past several decades as the cost of higher education rapidly outstripped earnings growth and inflation – but the burden isn’t equally distributed. Rather, of the $1.3 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, women hold two-thirds of it, but are just 57% of the student population. What’s happening to cause female students to land so deep in debt? There are several key causes, but in large part, the answers hinge on unequal distribution of childcare responsibilities and the wage gap. And women lawyers, most of whom have taken on enormous amounts…

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How One Woman’s Law Path Enables Countless Others: Interview w/ Lynda Cevallos, Esq. & CLEO Director

Lynda Cevallos is an attorney who has served for eleven years as a Director, Pre-Law Educational Activities and undergraduate adviser for the Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc. (CLEO).  Before joining CLEO, Ms. Cevallos practiced for 4 years employment and labor law with a Washington, D.C., law firm and previously clerked for the National Labor Relations Board and the U.S. Department of Labor. She is a cum laude graduate of Rutgers University and also received an Associate’s in German from Schiller University in Heidelberg, Germany.  She earned her Juris Doctorate from the Washington College of Law at American University, and is NY and…

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