A Refreshing Outlook on Compliance: An Interview with Alex Rakitin, CCO

Back in January, I shared my own professional journey in compliance for financial services.  Anecdotally, I’ve witnessed at least a 50% growth of compliance officer positions being filled by lawyers over the past 5 years.  Given the growth of JDs joining the field, I’ve sought out a fellow industry colleague to add an additional perspective.  Alexander Rakitin is Chief Compliance Officer of Perceptive Advisors, an investment adviser focusing on life sciences investments.  One of the biggest professional insults one can hurl at a talented compliance professional is that they are a bureaucrat.  If you are plugged into the business and adopt…

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Interview with Recent Grad Alexa Galloway - On the Field: Women in Sports Law

I’m delighted to introduce Alexa Galloway, a recent graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law and former Law School Toolbox author. A former Cape Cod Baseball League field reporter, Alexa most recently worked as a Legal Intern for Santa Clara University Athletics. Hey, Alexa! Thanks for joining us. First and foremost, congratulations on finishing law school! What are your short-term and long-term goals? Alexa: Well, my short, short-term goal is to pass the bar. Following that, I hope to work in civil litigation and get as much trial experience as possible. By attending conferences and speaking with attorneys in the…

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JD Skill Drill

After a series of interviews with some seriously impressive female JDs (which you can find on this page), I wanted to do a midyear reset getting back to basics.  For this month’s post, I engaged in a bit of a skill drill.  I scoured a bunch of recent job descriptions looking for ‘JD Preferred’ candidates and copied the desired characteristics and qualifications sections into a word cloud generator.  Here are the results: Let’s dissect a few of the main skills atop every employer’s wish list: Problem Solving As a lawyer, you are being hired to help your client solve their problems. …

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Obtaining Accommodations at Your New Law Job

Now that the bar is over, many of you will soon head off to your first post-law school job. Congratulations! You’ll be making choices about healthcare, retirement savings and life insurance. If you’re disabled, it’s never too soon to start thinking about the accommodations you’ll need to work efficiently. What follows are some tips to help ensure that your accommodations are in place as soon as you need them. Don’t Wait to Ask for Accommodations To qualify for reasonable accommodations at a new workplace, you’ll often be required to fill out a stack of paperwork and obtain medical documentation of…

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Drive Your Journey: LinkedIn as a Pathway to Increasing Your Brand Presence

As an attorney, it is likely that you are already familiar with and have created a LinkedIn profile. The question is: Are you using it to its full potential? If you are using LinkedIn simply as an online resume, you are missing out on the increasing value that LinkedIn has to offer. LinkedIn has continued to increase the features that can be used to help people to connect, build relationships, and access opportunities. As of the date of publication, below are some of the top ways to use LinkedIn to build a professional brand. Post. While LinkedIn may not be…

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Plant Seeds to Make It Rain: 5 Things New Lawyers Can Do to Begin Developing Business

     When I was a new attorney, I knew that I needed to develop business in order to advance in my firm. I had a lot of anxiety about that at the beginning because there was no well-marked path that I could take to make it work. This is not surprising since even established rainmakers will tell you that new business development is hard work,and studies keep coming out suggesting that female attorneys struggle even more than their male counterparts with it.      It was a happy accident for me that my dad went back to private practice…

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Business Etiquette: Declining a Prospective Job Offer

My colleague at Parker Lynch Legal, Sharon McLaughlin, recently wrote a great blog on a topic not often discussed:  how to politely decline a potential new job offer.  I thought it was such a great topic that I decided to post her blog this month as my guest author.  Below are Sharon's etiquette guidelines for those times when you consider a new job, but decide it's not the right move. Interviewing is a lot like dating.  Regardless of whether the position is in-house or in a law firm, it can often be a lengthy courting process during which you go…

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From Paralegal to Associate: How to Deal with the “Emotional Investment”

Last month, I discussed how to maintain your enthusiasm and your passion for the legal profession.   I have received so many positive feedbacks from the article, and some of the discussions I had on that subject prompted me to analyze further the issues of “Emotional Investment”.   How do you keep your boundaries?  How to keep yourself from becoming too invested emotionally into a client’s case?  For some of us it is easy to do, for other it is hard not to become intertwined into your client’s case.  Some law practice are also more concerned than others.  Notably the practice of…

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8 Potential Barriers to Women Taking the Bar Exam

8 Potential Barriers to Women Taking the Bar Exam By: Megan Kelley           Women. We can do it all. Apparently, we have to nowadays. From bringing home the bacon, to being the perfect spouse, the perfect mom, the perfect parent, the perfect supportive friend. With all of these responsibilities and obligations, things we do for ourselves often get pushed aside. Our dreams often get put on hold to plan for the future of our families. You have a dream of going to law school and becoming a successful attorney. In order to do this, one test stands between you and your…

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The Five Pillars of a Successful Internship

Getting accepted into an internship program is a great learning opportunity for any person, regardless of age, educational background, or skill level. It's a platform that can equip them with the skills and know-how needed to perform proficiently in their chosen industry. But once you get in there, it can be an overwhelming experience, with the fast-paced way they do things and the dozens of professional suits and ties surrounding you. How does one extract the most out of his/her internship? Here are the five pillars that can lead to a successful internship: Ask a Lot of Questions The best…

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