Women’s Bar Leadership Summit: Sparking a “Change” Reaction

We hope you will join us in Chicago for our annual women's bar leadership summit. Who should attend? Anyone interested in leadership in women's bar associations, sections or interest groups, or anyone wanting to learn more about the challenges and issues facing women lawyers today. A full day of programs will take place at Jenner & Block on Friday, August 3. Keynote speakers include Tina Tchen and Fatima Goss Graves. You are also welcome to join us at one or more programs on Thursday, August 2 at Chicago-Kent College of Law. We will begin at 3:30 pm with a GOOD Guys…

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Should Lawyers Add Subscription Services to Their Firms?

Over the years, the subscription industry has been experiencing rapid growth since more people are frequenting their websites. The subscription business has been in existence since the old days where our forefathers had their coal and milk delivered on their doorsteps. However, recently the business has adopted various media and technology companies. The industry has relied on the wave of high consumer’s online thirst. However, the tides don’t seem to fall; not now. The subscription businesses are companies that deliver to you a package, usually after an agreed duration of time, of products that they have chosen for you. An…

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Tackling the Hard Stuff First ...

When I have a pile of items cluttering my inbox, or a long list of errands littering my To Do list, I often find myself tempted to knock out a bunch of easy items and save the laborious, difficult, thankless items for last. Do you do this? DO NOT DO THIS. And if you are thinking about how you will structure your career over the next 5, 10, or more years, then you really should not do this. To review, my career has been a winding path of 13+ years of corporate litigation, followed by a year in pro bono…

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First Generation Success Story: Orientation and Starting Law School

         My anxiety was relieved and I was accepted into law school. I decided on Wayne State University, sent in my acceptance paperwork and anxiously began waiting for school to begin. To be honest, I was not exactly sure what to expect from orientation or what law school was going to be like. Law school was different than anything I had encountered before. I feel like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, ready for law school but what if I get called on in class and I do not have the answers? Looking back on it, I know…

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Is It A Fit? Finding A Firm That Works For You As A Working Mother

You’ve made it out of law school. You’ve passed the bar. Now, you’re ready to practice – but where? The fact is, as a woman in the legal profession, finding a position where you’ll have opportunities for growth can be a real challenge. The fact is that as a woman, you can get in the door, but, as a study by the American Bar Association demonstrated, women make up 45% of associates in private practice, but only 18% of equity partners. Something is keeping women from successfully climbing the career ladder. Luckily, finding a practice that’s a good fit for…

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Advocacy In The Age Of Addiction: Insights For Layers

As advocates for justice, the current opioid epidemic has put lawyers in a challenging position: is our job to defend patients or drug makers? Is there room to seek justice when the law isn’t oriented towards justice? There are no easy answers. Instead, we’re all required to consider what our position is relative to the law, our clients, and our communities. And what you decide can determine the shape of your career. Addiction Justice And Advocacy For some lawyers, the decision to focus on justice and advocacy work for addicts, rather than to pursue exclusively punitive outcomes, is an easy…

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Careers You Can Pursue With A Law Degree

Achieving a law degree is no small feat. The schooling is difficult and requires you to study hard and work harder. The benefit, however, is that a law degree allows you to pursue nearly any career path you want. Here are a few of the most common careers you can choose from. 1. Law Firms Perhaps the most obvious choice is a law firm. Working as an attorney has its benefits. Not only does it pay great, but you're actually able to utilize the education you received in school. There's a number of different fields within the firm from which…

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Ms. CyberLaw: Justice Kennedy’s Recent Dissent

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement on June 27, 2018 after having served since 1987.  During his tenure and in his interpretations of the Constitution, Justice Kennedy was mindful of how quickly our society is developing an ever-increasing reliance on technology and, with it, novel forms of privacy concerns. Here is a quick recap of his most recent dissent in Carpenter v. United States, a case centered on an individual's cellphone data privacy.  The issue rested on whether the government's seizure of an individual's cellphone records constituted an impermissible warrantless search in violation of the Fourth Amendment.  The government obtained the cellphone records in question from the individual's wireless…

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Drive Your Journey: Instagram as a Pathway to Increasing Your Brand Presence

Instagram is a highly visual platform, but it is not limited to the occasional selfie. If used correctly, Instagram can be used strategically to build a professional brand. Instagram has many features that now make it many attorneys’ platform of choice. Like other social media platforms, Instagram is often changing, so you will want to experiment with it. However, as of the date of publication, below are some of the top ways to use Instagram to build a professional brand. Be sure to use your “bio” space to create interest in your page and to link to other content. The…

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Susan Smith Blakely

Top Women Lawyers Tell ALL about Landing Clients

Most of you know by now that developing clients is the road to success in law firms.  Crudely, it has been said that "you eat what you kill."  In other words, if you bring in the work, you will be paid handsomely.   Nothing else comes close to assuring a successful career as a lawyer. That is why there is so much emphasis today on client development and networking.  Concentrating on acquiring the soft skills that are necessary to make you attractive to potential clients is time well spent.  However, soft skills are not taught in law school, and very…

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