The Atomic (Female or male) Law Student

As I write this my palms are sweating, as I have never been so bold to put my opinions, let alone my writings in the forefronts. I am writing to discuss what I have penned, the "Atomic Female Law Student." *I realized as I wrote this I do know an Atomic Male who works really hard with his wife to be active in the home and family- so this isn't just for women.  Atomic has a few definitions, relavent to this discussion is the one found in Oxford's Dictionary to mean: "of or forming a single irreducible unit or component…

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Getting to Know the Government’s Case Against Me

The next series of events in my case included a meeting with the Government, 302's and Brad's (a close friend who was an investor) interview. Criminal charges were brought against me regarding my position as the Fund's administrator. There were five people on the Fund committee plus the owner of the broker-dealer that were all considered part of the Fund. We all worked together but were charged with different crimes, except Brent and I. Stan was the owner of the broker-dealer that sponsored the Fund. Stan had been investigated or charged with many crimes with various companies and personal matters over…

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Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit: Maintaining Visibility in a Virtual Environment (5/14)

Ms. JD Virtual Toolkit Webinar Series "Maintaining Visibility in a Virtual Environment"    featuring Paula Edgar, Partner of Inclusion Strategy Solutions LLC Register today at

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Everything is Reproductive Justice—A Voter Suppression Primer

     “I do not understand why staying home is so hard. 105 million of you managed it on Election Day in 2016.” I saw this quote on social media and it stung hard. Many times over, especially in times of crisis and national events, society has failed to seek out the entire story. The incomplete narrative that folks stayed home when they should have voted or fail to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic reminds me of Hurricane Katrina. More specifically, I am reminded of the deep spiritual and personal connection I experienced witnessing Hurricane Katrina from afar, yet so close…

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Practice Pointers – Drafting an Effective Resume

Let’s get right to it. For most, resume writing isn’t the sexiest of drafting tasks. But it’s a necessary one. And in what’s become a rapidly tighter job market, you know it’s better to go ahead and tackle that dreaded task now. As Eminem wisely wrote: Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted Would you capture it Or just let it slip? Pretty sure he wasn’t talking about resume writing, but he might as well have been. Your resume is your first impression, your one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you…

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Highlights From a Recent Presentation- Presidential Directive -4

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into effect the creation of the National Space Force, pursuant to the National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”) for fiscal year 2020.  Section 9091 (2) of Title XVII  of the NDAA provides“ The Space Force includes both combat and combat-support functions to enable prompt and sustained offensive and defensive space operations and joint operations in all domains”. On February 19, 2019 President Donald Trump issued Space Policy Directive-4 (“Directive”).    The Directive, unlike Title XVII, clearly expresses an aggressive security policy to protect U.S. “interests” in outer space.  “Under this proposal, the United States Space…

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How to learn anything online?

Last time I wrote about some of my favorite learning and brain training resources, now it’s time to check out some learning platforms for more specific knowledge. Again, I know this is not for everyone, I acknowledge those who are busier than ever this time around and hate these kinds of posts, please bare with me (although the sources in my previous post about learning how to learn could be useful for teaching kids too). But then, some of us are stuck at home with more time on our hands than usual, for whom reading, writing, learning or being creative…

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Thank You for Your #GivingTuesdayNow Support

On behalf of Ms. JD, I would like to extend the sincerest of thanks and appreciation for your generosity and support on #GivingTuesdayNow.  Whether you were able to support us financially and made it to our Donor Wall, shared a story of #whymsjd, or simply participated in our 24 Hours of Gratitude by sending a note of thanks to someone in your life, we are incredibly grateful for your involvement and generosity.  These are trying times for us all, but you have shown that kindness and generosity can—and will—prevail.  Thank you for supporting us.  Thank you for sharing with us.  Thank you for being…

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Keeping it Social! Using Social Media to Stay Connected: A Q and A with Tiffany Blackmon

For most of us, social media has already permeated many aspects of our lives, from identifying meals that are Gram-worthy to trying to figure out what new Tik Tok dance everyone is talking about. Others are starting to discover new ways to stay connected while we physically distance. I admit that I have been a casual social media user who often finds herself identifying missed opportunities for development. For this post, I chose to connect with someone in my network who has identified how to best leverage social media platforms for her. This month, we will hear from Tiffany Blackmon,…

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Everything Nobody Ever Told Me: How to Prevent Anxiety During Interviews

“To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one’s self..” – Soren Kierkegaard I have several colleagues who get really nervous during interviews.  They are all very accomplished in their fields and any organization would be lucky to have them.  One man sweats uncontrollably, to the point where the damp begins to seep through his shirt.  Another colleague loses her train of thought and forgets to make the most salient points about her work.  A third colleague gets so nervous he really is unable to listen to what questions are being asked and he comes across as…

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