11 Tips For Taking Law School To the Next Level

  1. REVIEW COURSE MATERIAL OVER AND OVER. Even if you do not have exams till next semester, waiting until the next semester and the reading period is a bad time to wait to review. Cramming before final exams is not a good way to get yourself good grades. Make time to review frequently over the semester.
  2. REVIEW SESSIONS. Some law professors or Academic Fellows set up review sessions before exams. Clarifying the issues during these review sessions can be helpful to keep you from staying confused about certain issues. The professors also often give tips regarding exam answers and how they prefer the answers to be written.
  3. SEEK FEEDBACK FROM PROFESSORS AND TAKE ADVANTAGE. Some professors distribute questions for practice prior to exams. If they offer this, consider answering the question and provide it to your professor for review. Even if they do not distribute questions for practice prior to exams, consider finding a question from an old exam, answering it, and offering this to your professor for a quick review. This offers an opportunity for feedback from professors so that you can make necessary changes to your style and methods before being graded.
  4. ATTEND WORKSHOPS. Study workshops review topics like outlining, stress management, as well as preparing for exams and writing answers. These are skills which are essential for law school success. Life changes quickly in law school and doing this will help you be prepared.
  5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ANY PRACTICE EXAMS. Taking multiple exams for practice before taking the actual test can be helpful. For best results, take an exam from a previous semester of the same professor if possible. Make sure that you take advantage of getting feedback from professors where possible as well on your answers.
  6. CREATE A PLAN OF ATTACK FOR YOUR STUDY. Many law students complain about being pressed for time for briefing cases, preparing course outlines and taking practice exams. To avoid this problem, take the time before hand to make the time so that you will be sure you can meet law school demands. Honestly, this is something that most attorneys do not do well. They approach a client situation without coming up with a plan. Coming up with a plan is important, even if it changes.
  7. PREPARE LRW PAPERS WELL IN ADVANCE. Do not try to throw your LRL papers together right before due dates. Good grades come to those who prepare well and make certain they are providing a good paper to their professors. Good writing can require good amounts of time with plenty of editing. For this reason, LRW work is best started with as much time as possible. 
  8. EXAM REVIEW AFTER THE FACT. Take a few minutes to meet with professors and review exams following the posting of grades. You can get the feedback from your professors regarding how you did and how you could improve. Often it’s simple things that can take you to the next level in law school.
  9. MINIMIZE STRESS WITH EXERCISE AND GOOD EATING. Exercise 3-5 times per week to get the maximum benefit out of your mind and body. Put jet fuel into your body in the form of good food like fruits and vegetables, whole grains. Diet Coke
  10. HAVE A LIFE. (BESIDES law school). By making sure that you take time for things like religion, family, friends, and good hobbies you can keep yourself sharpened and less burnt out from law school.
  11. USE COMPETITION TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. You do not need to be the number one student. Well, you may need this, but face it, just one student is going to finish top. If you like competition, then keep it to yourself, don’t be boastful. Take personal satisfaction in doing well, and let others speak of your accomplishments and let you accomplishments speak for themselves.

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