3 Branding and Promotion Strategies for Small Law Firms

Building a law firm is difficult, and even as a promising lawyer, it can be difficult to brand and promote yourself. Younger firms have less of a reputation than established firms, making it harder to bring in new clients.

The key for new firms is to start branding and promoting immediately.

Waiting to jump into branding and promotion is asking for failure. Simple strategies can be employed, even on a low budget, that will allow you to propel your law firm forward. A few key strategies that budding law firms can implement today to build their brand are:

1. Leverage Your Network for Reviews or Testimonials

Your network is much larger than you think. You can reach out to former employers in the field or clients that you’ve helped win cases. Reviews and testimonials drive consumer influence, and 67% of consumers are going to focus on online reviews.

Create an email template that can be sent to all of your clients rapidly.

The goal is to be able to ask the client to:

  • Leave a review on the service you offer (provide links to review portals)
  • Leave any feedback required to make your service better

If you do not have clients, ask for testimonials from anyone in the legal field that you can. Testimonials should be placed on your site to help build confidence for potential clients.

You can also use these reviews and testimonials as part of your social media marketing campaign.

2. Start Promoting Online Immediately

You may have a $200 budget and think that it’s too little to start promoting online, but marketing is a long-term game. If your budget allows, start by hiring a marketing company that will be able to build your online presence.

Sites like LinkLifting allow you to start your SEO campaign in just five minutes.

Search engine optimization takes time to show results, and if you need clients now, you may want to purchase Facebook ads to start your marketing. Facebook ads are affordable, or you can use AdWords or another platform to:

  • Reach your target customers faster
  • Refine results to target just your demographic

Pay-per-click advertising should, in the ideal situation, start being used alongside traditional forms of marketing to provide a well-rounded marketing campaign.

3. Start Taking Pro Bono Work

Branding and promotion should take many other forms, and sometimes free work can help build up your portfolio. You can use this work as a way to build up your image in the community, and receive the initial reviews and recommendations that you need to build a successful firm.

If you don’t want to take Pro Bono work, you can also go into teaching.

No, you don’t want to become a full-time teacher, but you can hold a local conference or workshop to help people through divorce or discuss the steps required when starting a business. You'll need to use the area of law that you practice to teach at a conference or even a local MeetUp group.

A lot of the attendees may be interested in your services and become your clients, too.

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