4 Soft Skills Every Woman Lawyer Should Master


Have you ever found yourself arguing with a child about eating their dinner and found that your way of negotiating is way more efficient that the next guys? Or maybe you are at a meeting and someone questions your presentation, and without missing a beat, you are able to defend your position. Some believe women aren’t good at negotiation because of emotions (which we all can laugh at), but this article suggests that in fact, woman are better at it.

Whether you are an immigration attorney salt lake city or do criminal justice, negotiation is key to success in any lawyer specialization. Keep this in mind as you enter your next meeting, or go into a job interview. Use your natural instinct to lead you to success!


Something that woman have an advantage over men is that they are inherently better listeners. Studies have shown that because woman have a larger frontal gyri, they not only listen better but are better at calculating risk. All the time's people have called us woman worriers, they didn’t realize it was because we naturally can calculate risk to a greater degree than men. This puts us woman at a greater advantage for hearing a problem in the workplace and finding solutions to solve it. Though raising your voice and speaking your mind are so important in the workplace, it is equally important to listen to your colleagues.


Sometimes a business just needs someone to see the bigger picture and get them there. That is where your leadership skills come in handy. Not only are we as women good at seeing the bigger picture and coming up with a detailed plan on how to achieve our goals, we are great at taking a mediocre team and making them great. Don’t believe me? Here are 17 reasons why women are great leaders. To sum it up, we are great at work-life balance, motivation, multitasking, communicating, and so much more. We are the leaders of the world, and therefore should be the leaders of the workplace.


If you have a child like me, you know that trying to talk your kid out of doing something that they have their mind already set on is a challenging task. But that doesn’t stop us from trying… and most of the time succeeding. I use my communication skills with my personal family life to my work life. I know we are told to try to keep these two worlds separated, but I can’t help it sometimes, and often times I do not think it is really a bad idea. Communication is vital in my personal relationships with friends, family, my husband, children, and pretty much everyone. I take my years of experience being a friend and a wife and use those skills to communicate with coworkers and clients. And without a doubt it always works to my advantage.


I don’t have to tell you that being a woman lawyer is hard. Obviously you know that and know that we are put at a disadvantage from the start. But using our natural instinct and skills that we have to our advantage will put us ahead in the workplace and make us better lawyers.


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