5 Ways To Bond With Your Law Firm Coworkers

Whether finding a new job or being moved through an acquisition, the process of starting anew is always met with some anxiety and anticipation. There are new people to meet, different workflows to learn, and a new work environment to get accustomed to. To help ease this transition, here are five ways to bond with your coworkers.


1. Talk

New employees often make the mistake of laying low and keeping quiet for the first few months. The desire to go unnoticed and blend-in is strong when starting a new job. Whether it’s a fear of confrontation or making a mistake, this strategy will not help a career or ease the integration into the new workplace. Instead, try to start speaking from day one. This doesn't have to be a full-blown conversation, but a simple 'hello, how are you?' can open a lot of doors. Even exchanging small bits of biographical information such as age, where you're from, or favorite foods can be a a great way to break the ice and gain a sense of familiarity.


2. Work Together

New employees at a law firm may have a habit of working by themselves and keeping quiet. This strategy will only further alienate a new member from the rest of the group. Instead, it is important to find other team members to work together with. When a new group project or task becomes available, new employees should be willing to join. This is a great opportunity to meet co-workers and learn how to work together in a productive way. Another way to find time to work with other team members is by asking for help. New team members are bound to have questions and concerns about the way things work in the firm. Requesting help from a co-worker can help establish relationships and trust. All of this interaction will also be a good sign for the people in charge.


3. Go Out

It can be difficult to get to know people on a personal level in the workplace. Building a friendship between co-workers is a great way to cement the relationship. However, this is much easier to accomplish outside of the work environment. A great place to start is by asking a group of team members out after a long day of work. If there is a bar nearby, this can be one of the simplest suggestions. Perhaps the team even has a favorite spot which they always frequent after work. Becoming a part of this group outside of work is a great way to help establish these relationships.


4. Weekend Travel

Nothing brings a group of people closer together than travel. While a full holiday might not be recommendable for new coworkers, a short day trip during the weekend is a great place to start. Instead of inviting a select few coworkers, extend casual invitation to the entire office. This gesture ensures that no one feels alienated and extends an offer to anyone who wants to come, increasing the likelihood that more people will join.


5. Share

Yne can't always rely on the kindness of new-coworkers to be accepted into the new group. Instead, it is important to be proactive when meeting these new people. One of the best ways to do this is by sharing. Share your pen, share some treats, share a piece of paper if someone needs it. You can really make people happy through charity.

The transition to a new law firm doesn't have to be daunting or discouraging. The best way to ease the stress of transition is to make friends with new co-workers. These five steps are a great move in the right direction.

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