6 Great Jobs For Up And Coming Lawyers

Any recent law graduate will readily attest to the time, effort, and commitment that was necessary to reach their goal. Many new members of the bar knew exactly what type of lawyer they would be upon entering law school. For others, the options for lawyers are so plentiful they may try different routes before finally settling on the one they like best. In any event, the up and coming lawyer has many job routes from which to choose.


Immigration Lawyer

Lawyers that deal with immigration issues guide individuals, families, and business owners through the complex maze of immigration law. Typical job function for immigration lawyers includes the defense of immigrant rights, helping individuals that wish to become citizens of the United States, and assuring that business owners remain in compliance with immigration regulations for employers.


Real Estate Lawyer

Attorneys in the real estate sector often spend much more time on document preparation and research than presenting arguments to a judge or jury. The legal activities of real estate lawyers often focus on issues such as land use, property acquisitions, and leasing agreements. The manner in which real estate lawyers function can differ slightly from one state to another. Many real estate lawyers cite good pay and the opportunity to be their own boss as the major factors in their choice of job route.


Elder Law Attorney

Elder law attorneys specialize in the legal needs of the elderly. They work both as advisors and advocates to the elderly individual, their family members, and caregivers. Elder Law Attorneys are experts at guardianship issues, wills, trusts, probate, and estate planning. Some elder law attorneys also assist clients with issues concerning social security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits. The continued aging of the baby boom generation means a large number of individuals will need the guidance of elder law attorneys in the coming years.


Intellectual Property Lawyer

The services of a good patent attorney are necessary to protect the intellectual property of inventors. Patent lawyers will fill out all necessary paperwork needed to obtain patents from the government. When third parties infringe on the patent rights of clients, patent lawyers are available to litigate these matters in court. A working knowledge of science and technology is helpful to aspiring intellectual property rights attorneys. A test is also required for certification.


Judge Advocate

Law school graduates that desire to serve their country can join either of the four military branches. Each of the four branches employs legal professionals to resolve issues pertaining to military justice. These judge advocates are commonly referred to as JAGS. Many judge advocates report feeling a sense of purpose in their duties that were not present when practicing law in other capacities.


Compliance Attorney

Specialists in compliance law make sure company policies are in line with regulations that govern their particular industry. This function is becoming increasingly important in a business environment where government regulations are in constant flux. Compliance lawyers also help companies implement conduct codes for employees, monitor issues of ethics, and mitigate risk reduction.


Health Policy Lawyer

A law school degree is a great preparation for a career in a number of public sectors. One of these sectors is the healthcare industry. Lawyers working in the health care sector at the state level are responsible for enforcing codes of conducts and ethics in the industry. This enforcement sometimes includes prosecuting workers in the industry that disobey policies. Health policy attorneys protect the public by assuring the care given to them meets or exceeds all industry standards.



There are many avenues available to individuals in the legal profession. The up and coming lawyer would do well for himself to investigate a few of these choices before settling on one. The six job opportunities mentioned above are great ways to put a law degree to use.

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