A Second Semester 1L

Okay, so I am in my second semester now. Let me just say that the first semester was crazzyy! I am not over exaggerating. Adjusting to law school is a skill within itself. It's all about finding your niche, learning to adjust your learning style, learning what to study, learning what supplements to help you learn to study while learning. It sounds kind of crazy, because it is. However, that's what it's all about. Mastering the skill of learning how to learn, while learning.

I appreciated the experience, because now I know what to expect for the up and coming semesters. One thing that did help me calm my nerves last semester, was hanging out with my family and close friends on the weekends. I cannot stress how important it is to have a healthy outlet while in law school. You need to recoup and relax every once in a while. It's also important to have a go-to person on campus, or a mentor, that's an upperclassman that would not mind taking you up under their wing to give you guidance. It's more preferable however to have someone who had the same professors as you in their 1L year, because they will be able to give you more narrow insight and advice on that select group of professors. 

Now that I've survived the first semester and have done fairly well, this is the best semester to start looking into internship opportunities and diving into networking full force. I make it a point to attend at least one luncheon a month with my local bar association in order to get my name out there, and start learning about the different fields of law. At this point, you should also look into getting into leadership opportunities on campus or in your community. I must also stress to not overload yourself with too many leadership roles and to always make sure to keep your class courses as your main objective. Finding a healthy balance is key!

The last and final advice that I can think of for now is to fine tune your study habits and improve them. It's important to keep the momentum going and continue to do well. I hope this advice is helpful and Happy New Year! 


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