After the MPRE

I took the MPRE on Saturday, March 18th. The exam was two hours, sixty questions. I will admit: I was not prepared. I had my game face on throughout the exam, but after I walked out, I felt slightly shell shocked. I felt the process was surreal. I did make one important observation: if I must retake the exam, I will not take it at my alum. I will take it elsewhere to avoid that feeling of déjà vu of being a law student, and recalling the struggles I went through.

I will take a day or two to brush off the feeling, then I will begin diving into bar exam preparation. The state I am taking the exam in adopted the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) standard, so I will have additional subject matter to focus on. Some subject matter are on topics I did not take preparation courses on. I am fine with that though. I do not feel it places me at a deficient, since many, yet not all, law students must ‘relearn’ the law for bar preparation.

On another note, I am ‘vested’ into the bar exam now. I made reservations at a nearby hotel that is within 1.1 miles of the test site. I plan to arrive on Monday night, with check out on Wednesday afternoon. Because my family is important to me, and I do not want to return to an empty room, it will be a family event. My children went through four years of law school with me. I do not want them to miss the experience of me taking the exam for two days. I also know that after each day, I will not want to be alone. I may take some time off to think things over before returning to the hotel room, yet they are important to me, and I do not want to feel alone or abandoned.

I am going to take some time to review the contents tonight, and decide what subject to begin focusing on tomorrow. Until next time, have a great day everyone!

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