Jennifer Guenther

From the Desk of a Working Mom: Alpha Moms

There is a new definition of moms on the streets, one whose tag line infers a hyper-aggressive, stop-at-nothing, bring-home-the-bacon-fry-it-up-in-a-pan-with-a-smile type of mom. According to a recent article, these new moms are defined as the “busy mom who seems to juggle it all.  Effortlessly.  She’s up on the latest trends from high fashion to high tech, and if you’re searching for the best stroller, she’s been there and done that.”  These moms are “hungry for information” and “not shy about letting their friends know they had a disappointing dinner at a local restaurant.”  They have fulfilling careers and “get it right with their children.”  These new moms are the… (drum roll please), “ALPHA MOMS!” 

 And apparently there are enough of these super, do-it-all and have-it-all type of Alpha Moms that they are the very type of person that advertisers are now targeting and large companies are seeking out as costumers.  These are the moms who seek out the high-powered and high-paying careers; the ones who start their own business and don’t become a statistic.  They hyphenate their last name.  They have high standards and multi-task like no one’s business.  They are “the trend-setters with money to spend.” 

 It was not too long ago that the “top dog” mom was the one who stayed home and made delicious cookies for after school snacks and full-course meals for dinner.  Her toddler’s clothes were always spotless and the family dog well groomed.  She was the mom who kept the sparkling house and drove a mini-van to cheer on her child at their soccer games, supplying the ice cold drink boxes and cheese crackers from the cooler under the hatchback during the breaks. 

 And now the bar has been set even higher.  It is apparent in commercials, where the polo-shirt-wearing mom smiling at her shiny kitchen floor while high-fiving the muscle bound bald guy on the bottle is slowly being replaced by the high-heeled woman in the business suit pushing a stroller.  It is apparent in the news, where the debate continues to rage on over who can best tend to the children of the working moms—daycare centers or other family?  It is apparent on the internet, where blogging on the life balance of the professional mom has become one of the most common subjects after “sex”. 

 As lawyer-moms, I think all of us have the potential to be “Alpha Moms”--- after all, what lawyer is not opinionated and a work-a-holic, and what mom is not seeking the best for their children.  If only we weren’t just so tired from doing it all…

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