Am I wearing too many hats? Learning how to juggle it all: Find reasons to be happy!

Life might feel like it’s in shambles right now. At least it did for me, I’ve noticed, there were situations that made me unhappy. Bumps were appearing on my face due to whatever reason, my father’s health seemed to be declining, COVID-19 numbers raced to an all-time high, I hadn’t figured out what God had called me to do, I have to “re-learn” my best friend after she survived from being declared brain dead, my clients were setting unrealistic expectations. Did I mention my daughter got caught watching her favorite YouTubers all hours of the morning, on school nights? I mean, where does it end? 

This ended when I decided to find reasons to be happy—because the reasons were remarkably endless. 

While I am an attorney, I also have a life outside of my every day, “all day” career. I’m a mother, a sibling, a friend, a believer of Jesus Christ, a mentor, a volunteer, a board member, this list continues. 

Life can be overwhelming at times especially during these uncertain, global pandemic times. 
One day last week, I was being really hard on myself about my work. When I get a good result for a client, I’m always asking myself how could I have gotten an excellent result? When my clients fail to appear in court, and a warrant is issued, I’m thinking, maybe I should’ve called them one more time. These thoughts were making me unhappy. A friend of mine said, “Crystal, this year has been rough, give yourself a break. It’s OK not to be functioning at 100% at some point during a global crisis.” Reality is, I’m doing an excellent job considering the circumstances. Don’t be too hard on yourself, not allowing room to feel, process and heal. 

I have so many reasons to be happy. Despite two of my siblings and my nephew catching COVID-19: by the grace of God, they’re alive and well. I still have a home, a job, a car, my children, my health and my sanity. In addition, my daughter ended her second semester with all A’s (which included two A+’)! Her father and I couldn’t be prouder! I have to admit, I was quite upset when I found out she was watching YouTube all night until the morning hours. However, ending the year with all A’s is simply stellar! 

Find reasons to be happy. 

Surround yourself with people that genuinely love you, not those who you have to question. Walk away from messy conversations and gossipers. Go easy on yourself, times are uncertain, shaken and abnormal. Keep striving to achieve your goals and dreams, time will not stop just because there’s a pandemic. Be kind, be happy and keep pushing!

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