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American Blogger Fired From Branch of UK Firm Over Racy Online Novel

Online novelist Deidre Dare, author of Expat, a "racy" story about life in Moscow, was forbidden by her firm to continue to publish her blog on or about January 17, 2009, "due to company rules," states an article by the United Press International.

In a January 21, 2009, article by the ABA Journal, Ms. Dare stated that her blog was purely a work of fiction, noting that it did not involve lawyers or law firms, and stating explicitly that Expat is "most certainly not porn."

Ms. Dare was subsequently fired from the firm on Friday, January 30, 2009, over the dispute concerning her blog. According to a follow-up article by the ABA Journal, Ms. Dare is already exploring other options, including suing her former employer.

"In my family, we just don't stop writing because someone tells us to. There was no good reason," she tells, adding that [the firm] seemed "kind of shocked" when she didn't immediately capitulate.
"You're my employer; why can you tell me what to do in my personal time? I just don't get it," she says.

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