This American Life: Old Boys Network

On my run last night I listened to a great episode, Old Boys Network, from This American Life. If you have an extra hour (ha, ha), I'd highly recommend streaming this free episode.

Act One: In a small west Texas town called Kermit, two nurses were accused of harassment after they complained to the medical board that a doctor was putting patients in danger. The nurses were fired and then arrested, facing ten years in prison. Reporter Saul Elbein found that a group of powerful men in Kermit went to extreme and sometimes ridiculous lengths to try to bring down these nurses.

Act Two: judge wannabes working with the old boys network. Ira Glass talks with Chicago Sun-Times political reporter Abdon Pallasch, who since 1996 has covered the meeting where the Chicago political machine decides who it'll put on the ballot to become a judge.

Nurses and lawyers: guess which group stood up to the man?

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