And Many More ... (Happy Birthday Ms. JD!)

Six years ago, when we first launched the site, each Ms. JD board member chose a tag line for their profile that was supposed to express why they wanted to be a part of Ms. JD. Mine was, "because I want an old girls club."

Ms. JD has become that and I am so grateful to be a member. 

I am grateful because we really do have an incredible network that delivers precisely the kinds of benefits and support I was imagining when I used that phrase, but it's not just another version of the old boys club. The whole point of the old boys club is that it was exclusive. Ms. JD has managed to confer the same connections and opportunities for its members while remaining open, transparent, and totally inclusive.

Better still, the connections among Ms. JD's members aren't based on pedigree but on shared experience. Whether you connect to Ms. JD's network by helping raise funds to send women to law school in Uganda, as a blogger among our Writers in Residence, or as an attendee at a film screening on your campus - the connections formed through Ms. JD are more than skin deep.

Thanks also to Ms. JD, I count among my close friends Elizabeth Pederson and Karen Hernandez, who resigned from the board yesterday after six years leading the organization. Elizabeth and Karen were the yin and yang at the heart of Ms. JD. Elizabeth has been our dreamer. Ms. JD, the National Women Law Student Organization, the Global Education Fund, the Library, the Fellowship, and the Law Review Project - each began with Elizabeth. Karen has been our guidepost. When a new idea surfaces, "first we run it by Karen." When we disagree about how to proceed, "we wait to hear from Karen." At Ms. JD, when the going gets tough, the tough turn to Karen. 

Ms. JD is a testement to both these remarkable women's hard work and ingenuity. I will miss hearing their voices on our calls so very much. 

xoxo j

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