Are Female Attorneys More Responsible Members of the Profession?

We spend a lot of time on this site talking about the places in the legal profession where women are underrepresented. Well today I happened to glance through the November issue of California Lawyer and noticed the section of the magazine which described all the disbarments and other disciplinary actions taken by the California State Bar Association or California Supreme Court in 2012. Of the 117 disbarments, suspensions, and probations, only 6 (roughly 5%) were of women attorneys. 

Normally, when people ask me why I am so determined to advance women to positions of parity in the profession I talk about equality and "our daughters" and the like. But maybe I'll just start citing this statistic instead!



What is the percentage of California women attorneys [who are not disbarred]? I’d like to think it’s substantially higher than 5%, but it seems like a pertinent datapoint.


Valid question. As of January of this year, women comprised 39.4% of the California state bar.

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