Author Daniel Chantre’s Take on Law School

Recently I came across the work of Author Daniel Chantre who brings his knowledge and experiences in law school to bear on the many important aspects that all future law school students need to start think about today. **Disclaimer:  My disclaimer is that I have no disclaimer. I have no financial or other relationship with the author of this law school book whatsoever.

Knowing what you are getting into before you decide to go to law school is priceless. The Law School Test was written to give future law school students the edge that comes with knowing many of the fundamental factors and considerations they must weigh prior to making a commitment to study law.

This is the book students who fail to succeed in law school wish they had read before having setout on the very personal and rigorous journey of becoming a lawyer.

Although the book was available March 2010, it has been an undiscovered treasure for many folks whom I have come across recently on their journey in law school.

In the book, such principles are brought to light such as:

How Your Previous Experiences Relate to Law School

Why You Should Attend Law School

The Pre Law School Checklist

The Most Difficult Aspects of Studying Law

Succeeding in Class and Starting Off with a Great Advantage

Why Cheating is Impossible

The Right Law School for You

What Happens to Graduates

The Author's Successes and Failures in Law School

Lawyers and Lawyering

The Benefit of Knowing How Your Professors Sway on Issues

I have reviewed the book and found it to be quite interesting, and I want to make sure that you know that I have no financial benefit or relationship with the author whatsoever. For those seeking information on how to become one of the successful group of missouri car accident attorneys, consider a book more tailored to the field of injury law. One major point that is overlooked is becoming informed on the marketing aspect of a law "business."

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