Bar Preparation and Job Hunting: Part 2

Today, I am feeling defeated.

I have not studied much for the past month. The bulk of my time has been spent applying for jobs, doing advocacy work for my non-profit, and spending time with my children. I do not have the luxury of staying home with my children and studying for the bar exam. Finding a job is becoming more important than studying for the bar. Since my hours at my current job as a Community Organizer was reduced to 10 hours every two weeks, finances are extremely tight for my family right now. I was afraid we were not going to be able to pay our rent for the month. Thankfully, I had some funds set aside in my savings. Unfortunately, the funds were from our “FUTURE HOME” bank account, which continues to be empty because we need to keep withdrawing the money to pay for our rent.

Further, I received disappointing news today. I applied for a major fellowship and received a rejection letter today. I cannot express the disappointment and sadness I felt the moment I read that line in the email.

I submitted five job applications last week. I hope my application is reviewed and I am offered interviews. Some of the positions are in Salem, others are in Portland, and several with the option to telework from home. On a “plus” note, I had a phone interview this afternoon. I was offered an in-person interview early next week. If I am offered the position, it would be temporary part-time position in the Salem area, and end by July.

I am going to take some time to reflect, and nurse my wounded pride. Lack of bar preparation and a rejection letter are too much for me in one day.

This weekend will and should be better. I will be attending a Community Organizing leadership institute. It will be good to be around active, action-oriented folks like me.

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