Benefits of Blogging to Law-Minded Individuals

Have you ever had an idea and felt the burning desire to express it?  The idea hits you, and your mind starts to race while your eyes start to widen.  You may just even find yourself holding up your finger in a “eureka”-style moment for dramatic effect.  What do you do with all of that momentum?  A journal could work.  But what if you want your idea to have meaning?  What if you want to feel gratified for your idea and to find out if others actually think the same way too?  That is where blogging comes in.  As a blogger, you have the opportunity to express your ideas while connecting to and engaging with the world, all from the comfort of your home, office, or any other place with an Internet connection at a time that is already convenient to your otherwise busy schedule.


The above is just one example of the benefits of blogging.  Other benefits of blogging—ones that are particular to pre-lawyers, law students, and lawyers—can be just as easily identified.  For starters, when it comes to the field of law, a lawyer’s reputation is key.  It truly can make or break a career, not to mention mean the difference between having a thriving business and running out of business.  Blogging helps a person gain name recognition while boosting her or his resume, which helps the pre-lawyer who is seeking admission to law school, the law student who is preparing to join the job market, and the licensed attorney who is looking for client business.


In addition to helping pre-lawyers, law students, and lawyers advance in their career paths, blogging also helps these individuals in an internal sense.  For example, as any law student quickly learns during the first year of law school, legal writing can start to feel rather stilted after a while.  I know I certainly felt this way after completing my first legal writing class.  For me, gone were the days of creative writing that I had enjoyed as a public relations major during my undergraduate university years, and in were the days of IRAC and The Bluebook.  Blogging, however, is an opportunity to let those creative juices flow again.  Why?  Because instead of sticking to a prearranged IRAC structure, the blogger largely makes the executive decision as to how the product should look and feel.


Once the blogger clicks “post,” she or he receives the remainder of the internal benefit to blogging: that of bouncing her or his ideas out to the world and seeing how others react.  The blogger receives the chance to quickly feel gratified for those ideas and the time and effort it took to express them.  When all goes well, blogging can ultimately be a cathartic experience that gives the blogger a surge of happiness, which sometimes becomes all too important for lawyers surrounded by seemingly never-ending conflict.  Instead of caffeine or any other substance, blogging can serve as a pre-lawyer’s, law student’s, or lawyer’s pick-me-up.

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