Best of Levo League: Week Ending April 6, 2012

How the Deschanel Sisters are Changing the Way We Think About Women in Primetime TV
Emily and Zooey have been on the silver screen for a long time-- but never before have two sisters had primetime TV slots on the same network centered around their two strong female characters. Levo's Managing Editor Elizabeth Burke looks into the qualities that make Temperance Brennan and Jess Day strong and confident women.

Career Strategy from the Life of Miss Piggy: Branding and Poise Will Get You Everywhere
She was a teaching figure in many of our childhoods, and now she's back to teach us to be successful in business: Miss Piggy's over Kermit, ladies, and she's back in our lives (with the perfect pig-sized pair of heels).

How to Rock Your Kickstarter Campaign– and Your Social Network.
Levo Community Manager Mercy Bell has a very active life as a musician-- in fact, last year Mercy raised $8,000 for a studio-recorded album using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. How'd she achieve success with Kickstarter-- and how can her tactics help you maximize the value of your social network? Come find out.

Ultimate BCC Botches from History, and How to Recover from a “Reply All”
Let's talk about the etiquette of BCC. We've all been there: the heart-freezing moment of, "Oh no, did I just send that to everyone?" So how do you recover from an awkward "Reply All" situation? Who else has made this flub, and paid for it with infamy? Some examples-- like the German Parliament-- might surprise you.

Waitlisted: Overcome the Anxiety and Find Some Hidden Benefits of College Waitlists
For many future college students out there, this has been the week: the week where college acceptances and rejections fall where they may. Here are some helpful tips on letting go and moving on from the colleges that refused to do either and waitlisted you. 

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