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Best of Levo League, Week Ending January 27, 2012

Editor's Note: Ms. JD is proud to announce our newest strategic partnership with another online community for professional women, the Levo League! Here are our favorites from Levo League's recent publications.

1. The Wednesday WTF

Way back in 1983Working Woman magazine conducted a survey reported by the New York Times. The conclusion of this survey? That, according to 56 percent of the employed men and 43 percent of the employed women in the survey, career-oriented women should not be mothers.

Fast-Forward to 1998: The University of Michigan releases research indiciating that the daughters of employed mothers have been found to have higher academic achievement, greater career success, more nontraditional career choices, and greater occupational commitment.

Just a little food for thought.

2. Executive Branch, Executive Suite: Managerial Moments from the State of the Union

3. Passion Assassins: What to do when you wake up and realize you miss yourself

4. Get on the Same Page: Creating compromise in your work relationships

5. Jessica Simpson Creates a Long-Term Career: A hypothetical look at Jessica Simpson's career strategizing

Check out this week's Best of Ms. JD over at The Levo League.

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