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Big Problem with Law Firm Claiming to be the best law firm to work for in the Bay Area

This blog wants to expose the shameful truth about one of the largest law firms home based in San Francisco, California.  Their claim to fame is that they were voted for 11 years in a row as one of the best law firms to work for.  In reality, the management personnel of this huge firm suck.  They are awful.  They only protect their own asses.  Some of these management personnel have been with this firm for a long time.  They are set in their ways.  They will kill just to protect their own jobs.  The newcomers and minorities at the staff level are very vulnerable.  If they happen to dislike you they will try to run you to the ground, which basically happened to me.  I also hate the fact that they don't like to stand up to a bullying partner.  So this is the story about this bullying partner.  He is somewhat influential in the sense that he is one of the chairs of one of the departments in the San Francisco office.  In other words, he has a little bit of clout but enough when it comes to staff vs. partners. This bully of a partner, we called Napoleon (small ugly man with humongous ego), after working with his secretary for almost 4 years decided to change secretaries and hired this white Irish bimbo of a bleached blond insecure anorexic schizoid woman as his new secretary.  The woman was so insecure that she had only been working for the department for six months when she started creating trouble for the whole departmental staff members.  She claimed that three of the staff members were all talking bad things about her.  She even came to the point of complaining to her Napoleon.  So what does Nappy do?  He is stupid enough to involve the management personnel into this minor or petty disagreement.  In turn, the management personnel including the head of the administration and the head of HR are all involved.  They even forced the three staff members to make nice to this schizoid.  Nappy did not only involve himself but solicited a female associate to fight his battle for him.  So, three people were accused by this schizoid of bad mouthing her. You have to remember now that this woman hadn’t even passed her probationary period of 6 months when this all started.  Needless to say that even with the bad review given by our floor coordinator about her did not matter at all because Nappy overwrote all this bad review and she passed her probationary period just because she worked for a bullying partner like Nappy, who cannot do anything wrong in the eyes of the management.  I feel sad for these folks in the management personnel because they do not have any integrity at all.  They are set in their ways so they are willing to ignore the injustices or unfairness that had been done to three of the staff members.  Up to this date, one of the accused staff members is still being harassed by the management personnel.  She is being monitored by them.  This staff member happened to be Nappy’s discarded secretary who was replaced by this schizoid bleached dumb blond.



          Nappy incidentally had been sued before by former staff members for sexual harassment.  I am not sure why law firms keep these kinds of people.  They must be hurting for the little amount of money he rakes for the firm.



          In fact, the same law firm fired most of their accounting staff members and decided to outsource these jobs to India.  So they must be hurting.  Their known moniker is a simplified form of “MOre FOols.”




          Can you believe that the managing patners' office sent an email to all partners warning partners to refrain from asking their associates to not bill the work that they had done for these partners.  This just meant to me that these partners must not be busy enough so as to steal their own associates billable time.


          Thus, to all new associates and minority professional staff members – be warned – don’t get fooled by these so called awards – do your own due diligence when it comes to law firms.  The larger they are the more unfair they are.  They pay advertising firms huge amounts of money to pad their reputation.  Again – BE WARNED!!!



          MOre FOols in my opinion is the worst law firm to work for.  Stay away from it.

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