Book Review: ‘The Insider’s Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job’

This year, Erika Finn and Jessica Olmon, two attorneys practicing law in Los Angeles, published a book entitled 'The Insider's Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job.'  This book is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide for law students who are interviewing for Big Law jobs, and it fulfills this role very well.

The authors have organized the book into eighteen main sections.  These sections range from inciting law students to ask themselves whether Big Law is right for them, to advising 3Ls on how their interview experiences as non-2Ls may be different.  The authors also include sample resumes and cover letters - very useful tools for the job-seeking law student.

There are, of course, many interview resources on the market for students.  This book, however, includes two notable chapters that are particularly interesting and that cover material sometimes not covered by guidance counselors in pre-interview information sessions.  First, the section on networking provides information both on recruiting events and on reaching out to individual attorneys.  Often, students do not know how to make the most of recruiting events.  Students can run into issues with entering and leaving conversations gracefully, talking to everyone that they should talk to and making lasting and important connections with attorneys.  The authors give some useful tips on negotiation such events.  In fact, this section could possibly be lengthened to include even more detailed suggestions on how to stand out at such events.

Second, the authors also include a chapter on discrimination.  Hopefully law students will not have to deal with such issues during their interviewing process.  It is, however, interesting and important for students to understand discrimination issues that may arise.

At the conclusion of the book, the authors encourage readers to contact them with additional thoughts through their publisher's website  If the authors intend to publish additional editions of this book, it would be interesting for them to add economic crisis-specific advice for law students.  This could prove to be very useful for interviewees trying to negotiate this new job market.

Ultimately, 'The Insider's Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job' could serve as a very useful tool for many law students looking to be employed in Big Law.

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