Brand Tip #8: Creating a Memorable Brand

Once you’ve identified your goals, business strategy and uniqueness in the market and undertaken careful selection of your trademark or service mark, you’re ready to deepen the development of your brand platform and begin the process of engaging with your target audience by making yourself memorable. Becoming memorable, as you might imagine, is more than just selecting an enticing brand name. The culture, or aura, surrounding your brand is just as important. A brand aura is the cultivation of an experience. Done correctly, the cultivation of an experience can produce unbounded loyalty.

Consider, for instance, the empowerment philosophy behind Nike® athletic wear, the fan club mentality of Apple® computers or the dancing wait staff and ketchup smiles at a Johnny Rockets® restaurant. Building an experience is not an overnight endeavor, however. And don’t be fooled into thinking that a flashy logo or slogan will create an experience for you. The activities that you undertake to build a strong customer relationship likewise build your brand experience and brand loyalty. Indeed, many studies indicate that customers value reliability and responsiveness even more than the features and benefits of a vendor’s products or services. Some aspects of building brand loyalty include: (i) consistency in the application of brand indicators; (ii) intellectual engagement; (iii) sensory excitement; and (iv) initiating a call to action and other messaging.

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