LAST CHANCE! Building Her Power Base: A Conversation with ABA President Laurel Bellows on Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Ms. JD and Kirkland & Ellis cordially invite you to attend: Building Her Power Base: A Conversation with ABA President Laurel Bellows on Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Laurel Bellows will be speaking on Leadership and Entrepreneurship and will be answering questions from young women attorneys and law students nationwide.

The live event will be held on January 31, 2013 at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, 300 North LaSalle Chicago, IL at 12:00pm and lunch will be served.


Austin, TX at the University of Texas, Francis Auditorium, 727 East Dean Keeton Street, Austin, TX at 12:00 pm Central.  Click here to register for the Austin event.

Houston, TX at Vinson & Elkins 1001 Fannin Street #2500  Houston, TX at 12:00 pm Central. Lunch will be served.

Los Angeles, CA at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, 333 Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA at 10:00 am Pacific.  A continental breakfast will be served.

Miami, FL at K&L Gates LLP, 200 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL at 1:00 pm Pacific.  Lunch will be served.

New York, NY at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, 601 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022 at 1:00 pm Eastern.  Lunch will be served.

Palo Alto, CA at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, 3330 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA at 10:00 am Pacific. A continental breakfast will be served.

San Francisco, CA at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, 555 California St. San Francisco, CA at 10:00 am Pacific.  A continental breakfast will be served.

Seattle, WA at Foster & Pepper PLLC 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 3400 Seattle, WA at 10:00 am Pacific.  A continental breakfast will be served.

Washington, DC at Kirkland & Ellis LLP - 655 Fifteenth Street, N.W., DC at 1:00 pm Eastern.  Lunch will be served.

Click here to register for all events except Austin!

Registration is open until 10:30am (CT).



Opening your own firm is risky!  How did you overcome your fears?  What would you recommend young lawyers who are considering opening their own firms do to prepare?
What’s your favorite part of being ABA President?  What do you find most challenging about it?

B Peterson

It is becoming increasingly important for young attorneys to understand our business (the business of providing legal services) and our clients’ businesses. What books, articles, journals, magazines, blogs or other materials should young attorneys read in order to start learning the business-side of practicing law? How should young attorneys go about gaining an in-depth understanding of their clients’ businesses?

B Peterson

In April of last year, the Ethics 20/20 Commission decided not to propose changes to the ABA’s policy of prohibiting non-lawyer ownership of law firms.
(1) Do you believe this was a wise decision? Why?
(2) Would allowing some degree of non-lawyer ownership of law firms promote entrepreneurship and/or innovation in the legal services industry?

B Peterson

Imagine that it is 5 - 10 years from now:
What does the US legal services industry look like on a macro level?
How are US based firms (small, medium and large) structured?
What characteristics do the most successful attorneys have?


This are fantastic questions! Let’s keep them coming. Let Ms. JD know what questions you have for Laurel.
Please include your name and location too. We will announce those with the questions to Laurel to show where the questions came from.

B Peterson

<html /> Sorry about getting this in so late, I didn’t re-check comment section until now. Brian Peterson - University of Texas School of Law - Austin, TX

Eric Foster

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